We're on our way
  • bensavageWe're on our way

  • laylavirgoLet me know if you're looking for fresh faces, im tellin you, that greetalian wise gal is a good idea !
  • madisenaveCan't wait!!!
  • 3britt11When is this gonna start!!?!??!
  • gracerockk@teenbeachmoviegirl__ Its the sequel to Boy Meets World
  • melissa_foxI can't wait I hope its as amazing as boy meets world @bensavage
  • cityonfireYes!!!!!!! We want eric n sean! Lol
  • passportonpointI don't think it'll be as amazing as Boy Meets World but who knows? I could be wrong 😋
  • kishaluv_fav21So exciting! Ben r u excited! :)
  • vally_girl@allidee12 I didn't realize it was the same writer!! 🙌
  • allicee15@vally_girl YAAAAS 🙌 it has to be good then! Plus rewatching boy meets world has reminded me just how much I love @bensavage 😍
  • vally_girl@allidee12 I know!!!! I'm so excited!!!
  • immortalpanda6Riley is exactly like me no kidding
  • fullhouseaddict2003Can I have that!
  • fullhouseaddict2003Jk
  • corpangaThe feels
  • lucaya_3133Wow i cant believe that the show started that long ago
  • elle.smith_907Wow. 100 something weeks ago the second best show in world stared....the first best show is Boy Meets World. 😍😍😍
  • nicoledaviss9😂
  • rosy.____Wow...I love this show so much💜😭✨its been 184 weeks since gmw came out💖seems like yesterday🌸😜I love all of the cast👯mostly I want a season 44️⃣or more BUT I WILL FOREVER LOVE U ALL #savegirlmeetsworld
  • lukaa_emaSame i want you guys to have more the 4 seasons! I want "Riley" to meet the world more and hit deeper subjects, even though boy meets world was about a boy, i think it helped out girls too, but now with girl meets world they can reach the supjects that girls mostly go through. So i really hope yall go to freeform!!
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