Fire. Still hot in its old age.
  • jason_mrazFire. Still hot in its old age.

  • marlieke77Age is but a number...
  • spinnaker_sail@absolutelymommy ... I'm sending love and light... Stay strong for her...
  • absolutelymommyThank u @spinnaker_sail.
  • emi_maigreCool
  • hanna.saad♥♥♥♥♥
  • spinnaker_sailToday's the day! Will u b watching @MTV World Stage: Live in Myanmar? Broadcast times at
  • a_nnnickWow! That's great news!!!! Sooo thankyouverymuch for this reminder, @spinnaker_sail !!!
  • spinnaker_sail@a_annnick your welcome... ")
  • kt_chiuHey, go to bed early; don't play fire at late night. I already lived in old man style; try to sleep before 10, wake before 5. In love( or in sleep like an infant), we grow fast. : )
  • shewhisperedThink outside the flame. Er frame...
  • asliremaCan't spend a good day without listening to your songs. Looove your music and I really think that I'd love your company If I met you one day. I really hope that I can find the opportunity. You should come to Istanbul!(Turkey)
  • carinavoyageI just wanna say thank you for being awesome at life. Happy Thursday to you, fella.
  • lixuda烛光!!!
  • pantryqueenI love the reflection
  • kt_chiuTwo lights one body.
  • emazzinglytwinflames
  • beatrizkfO amor é fogo que arde sem se ver, é ferida que dói, e não se sente; é um contentamento descontente, é dor que desatina sem doer....Camoēs
  • thegirlcalledemIs that Votivo? Nice.
  • primoraespi#cil alumina
  • jennavivcatWhen did you go back in time ten years?
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