Found these guys wandering the streets outside the Roxy last night.
  • wolfvanhalenFound these guys wandering the streets outside the Roxy last night.

  • melissaburnosFabulous! Your mom is such a beauty and your dad's a virtuoso!
  • mtrockergirl@wolfvanhalen You're a perfect mixture of both of them! This pic warms my heart.
  • antoniocubelloGods of rock
  • andrewking757Now that is a good looking family!
  • pebbles_roseWhat an iconic picture,plus you N Eddie always had that brother/ sister looking thing going on ( in a clean good kinda way) lol which makes for a beautiful family!
  • cpirazzoWhat a beautiful pic. God bless your family Wolf. Wish you all the best for all of you
  • dewiedoboyOMG Val still looks likeshe is in her late 20's
  • triciamcclearyLove your mom! Lucky enough to meet them both at Hirsch coliseum in shreveport, Louisiana- where they met and fell in love....
  • luauumamaaDamn geezers. 'GEORGE! You forgot to lock the gate again! ED N VALERIE GOT OUT! I'll get the car....'
  • poolshark5150@wolfvanhalen happy birthday Wolf! Huge fan of u guys since forever man! Have fun bro!! \m/ be safe dammit! Lol
  • poolshark5150P.s. I know Ur Kings beat my Sharks haha lil shit ur lucky it's ur Birthday haha :P keep rockin Wolfe!
  • wrangler_shitMan, you're so lucky. Eddie van halen is my IDOL!!
  • samphenFamily 👨👦👩
  • juve093I love this pick
  • 07redroushGood looking family. You are blessed!
  • vanhalenkidGreat... Val is gorgeous!!
  • ljperi97Love the shirt Wolf.
  • emilypenate@wolfvanhalen Aww, great photo of the gang!
  • kariyola@solrcmen hope you don't miss tonight's jimmy Kimmel!!!
  • berthgracepsalm91Beautiful pic 😊
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