BIGBANG - Love song
  • seungriseyoBIGBANG - Love song

  • yibei_vipLooks like your TOP hyung ㅋㅋ
  • xxidechineeSeungri oppa I love you. I watched the music video of LOSER and BAEBAE and all I can say is YOU DID A GREAT GREAT JOB! You are the BEST. You look stunning on the mv of BAEBAE. You standout ! I love you . Everyone loves you . VIP loves you . ❤
  • mo0ndayLove this song
  • _im.x.x.x_love you💏💏💏💏💏💏
  • ye_jin.y@seungriseyo 사랑해요♡ please kakaotalk me? jeanieslamp 😄
  • pumpkin_srI love this song!🎶🎤
  • _wacoogIdk
  • jeviavaliantI want to meett youuuuuu
  • nadyaberthalizaHappy Birthday Seungri oppa, i hope you will be mature as increasing your age year by year, longlife, keep healthy, be more wise, always success with or without BIGBANG, i hope all your wishes or dreams will come true asap. laff yaa @seungriseyo 🐼❤🐼❤and also thankyou for being BIGBANG Maknae, and thank you for being weird and everything u hv done oppa. laff u to the moon and never come back lol lol lol #12122015 haha
  • dzej_squareFeathers look great on you
  • cxy1969618I like love song
  • cxy1969618❤️❤️
  • bigbang_aya♡♡🐼
  • danhuanger999blue
  • hanabeekClassy
  • xxiv.i.p시크시크
  • seungri_grimiss you
  • xxxbabygdฅ’ω’ฅ Oppa,I miss you. 💌💌💌 爱你,晚安。💕
  • seungri.toryso...tired....
  • _jiajia_1021_miss you💕💕 @seungriseyo
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