My girl @PhaedraParks has a fun contest going! Check it out & RT! #RHOA #DonkeyBooty
  • kandiMy girl @PhaedraParks has a fun contest going! Check it out & RT! #RHOA #DonkeyBooty

  • mnf_jonesGlad things worked out for her
  • vanessa_zumba_instructor_zin@iamraynabrown no disrespect we are not haters, however many IG members are lawyers etc. so no one hate we are just lol at the entire social network. If they were so important why do they need to be certified by their fans. Do you ever hear kandi giving back to the community (hell no). She's not going to respond to your post because her ass is happy now. If that boy don't marry her she will do her normal cry, write music, and post response. Right now her head bigger than those messy ass waives
  • vanessa_zumba_instructor_zinWeaves
  • iamraynabrown@unbreakable4745 actually @kandiburruss has done several things to give back. One in particular when she goes into the store and pays off layaway for people without their knowledge. I believe she does this during the holiday season. I consider that giving back. I also didnt refer to people as haters. I just think if you don't care for someone or what they do then why comment and make negative remarks. She is supporting a friend just as you or others would do and you wouldn't expect someone to get on your page saying horrible things. That's all I'm saying. We should just treat people the way we want to be treated. If you don't care for @kandiburruss or even @phaedraparks that's ok. We are all entitled to feel how we feel but celebrities or not, they are human with feelings and sometimes I think people forget that. Thanks for your response though! Enjoy your day! :-)
  • scookementorOMG.......y'all are so for real haters. I'm sure none of y'all know Kandi, Phaedra or her husband personally but y'all got so much to say. They gettin paid rather u like them or they stop trippin. Get yo money up then how bout NOT!
  • goldenbeauty26@iamraynabrown ..
  • goldenbeauty26That's exactly what I was thinking!
  • _candy1974You're Awsome!
  • lizaa62I love you ladies.
  • mllmddnssI love you kandi
  • mllmddnssYou too ms southern belle
  • vanessa_zumba_instructor_zin@bkackbeauty1472 call me when you need a criminal attorney
  • tsmith1975Phandra and Apollo
  • penny_1978👍👍👍@kandiburruss @phaedraparks
  • blessed_and_good_morning_worldNice!!!!
  • nubianityphaedra is so ugly lol
  • nakieshamitchell7895I love this
  • callhermissrossThey photoshopped the hell outta Phaedras body smh
  • size2diva_Ok cute cover
  • tee022013Love me some Phadrea..
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