The first three Paramore albums have been mastered for iTunes:
  • paramoreThe first three Paramore albums have been mastered for iTunes:

  • isa_orfano❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • potterjacksontributeBrand New Eyes is my favorite. :)
  • xxdeletedx_xI had the riot cd but two kids came over and broke it
  • reeeeeeeeeeseJust pointing something out. Go look up No Doubt's 'Rock Steady' album. You'll see that Paramore totally ripped of the cover. Not saying I don't like Paramore, but seriously?
  • ericmoreno95@reeeeeeeeeeese not looking for an argument but, paramore and no doubt are good friends so it's obvious that they probably gave them the idea or at least talked about it
  • charlottea_jonesRiot <3
  • kat.erobinsonParamore are the official most amazingly perfect band that ever lived, I swear, you are the only band I will EVER EVER like.
  • sofiarobainai need riot!
  • jam_morales1512I love " RIOT and Brand New Eyes " the best !!!
  • bxtch.plz459I made this! But didn't post it:(
  • springstill*-*
  • mncurrentYes I have all of them and love them so much and will never will stop you guys are amazing and God bless you all:)@paramore
  • redda.roseRIOT!!!!!!!!
  • ashfreddieI loved brand new eyes and riot, can't wait to hear the new one!
  • dec1095@camp_hogwarts singles club is an EP not an album. That might be why it's not on iTunes. Idk why really tho.
  • bri1bri1foreverI love all of the albums especially brand new eyes I have all the songs on that album
  • pav.trbl1st three r the best three
  • marea_bmthThis my life s2
  • aracelibstThe perfection♡
  • jehiel_AWKIF
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