• yoniwolf@astronautalis

  • realstevenseagalI bought tickets as soon as I found out you were coming to Eugene. I hate to sound like a huge drunk douchebag, but I'm legitimately disappointed in your respect for your die hard fans.
  • realstevenseagal*or lack there of
  • crast@gunnarjay quit being a cry-baby
  • realstevenseagal@coast man.. you have no idea how long I've waited for this.
  • realstevenseagal@crast
  • edward_rhys_jonesIs this real? @gunnarjay I'm English so having trouble translating?
  • edward_rhys_jones@gunnarjay I mean, are you joking?
  • yoniwolf@gunnarjay Don't take it so seriously. I was just goofing around. :)
  • josiahwolf@gunnarjay you have to understand that we are just people trying to make a living out of this and enjoy it as much as we can. Most nights we do talk to our fans and are always appreciative but some nights we need to take it easy after a show and not talk. Tonight happened to be one of those nights. Please don't take it personally. We are late in our tour without days off and some of us are under the weather. I know that you have high expectations when you put someone on a pedestal. I can tell you right now that they are unrealistic. Let the music speak for itself. If you like it, great. If not, then that is fine too.
  • jamiesieverWait, you paid for a ticket to see a show and thought that entitled you to hang out and sing with performers who had already done what you'd paid them for? Yeah, no.
  • easybeingbrown@gunnarjay I've seen Why? At least four times and I can tell you I am a huge fan as well. I live in Dallas, which is a much larger city than Eugene. In all of the times I've seen them- I've never outwardly expected them to please me by speaking to me. Think about it- they're job is to play music. Imagine how tired you would be if you had to stay up every night with drunk assholes you barely know! Imagine having to be in a place like Dallas and having to sing "fall of mr fifths" with every avid fan. Now go home and wipe your ass and listen to the Early Whitney EP and feel better.
  • _chris_say_@gunnarjay I am not sure why, even as a huge far you expected them to let you on stage. I will say this....I had the opportunity to meet @josiahwolf and his lovely wife.....and they were by far the nicest people EVER....I LOVE WHY? But just because I buy all their c.d.s....and quote them a lot....I would never expect them to let me on stage to sing one of their songs....go enjoy their music....I think once you sober up you will see how ridiculous you just made yourself look :/
  • alexeimcI remember when Yoni offered anyone in the crowd $50 to cone up and sing 'after school America' for him ( w/ them) in Tempe. No takers. Why? and crew always a good show.
  • alexeimc*m
  • iknowhowtomakepadthaiI can relate, I saw Rush at a sold out show in Germany where they were filming their 30th anniversary tour. They didn't allow me to have free VIP passes and didn't allow me on stage either, even though I had driven 15 minutes to see the show. I'm not sure what artists think they're trying to prove by denying their fans extremely ridiculous rights for no reason, but it needs to stop @gunnarjay
  • melissaporterbeauty@gunnarjay Why? has tons of really big fans. All those big fans pay money to see a great show from them - not other fans. That's what YouTube is for. When a band comes to your town you have to stay up the ONE night they are there. They're staying up every night. I imagine it sucks at times. They are human, believe it or not and I'm sure they deserve privacy. Especially if some person is peaking in blinds it sounds like. #creeperstatus
  • mallicollinsI was lucky enough to meet you guys outside of the venue twice and all of you were extremely nice and thankful for my friends and I being fans. You guys even let us interrupt your dinner for a picture haha you guys are awesome! @dreamtigerdream @josiahwolf @yoniwolf
  • fuckinggenoI've seen you guys thrice so far, and each time I've gushed to you about how amazing you were after the show. And you guys have always been appreciative. Don't worry about fans that can't appreciate real musicians. You guys change lives, and that's that shit I do like.
  • fuckinggenoAlso, Astro is the shit, this was literally the greatest show I'd been to so far. I'm waiting for Astronautalis/Why?/Serengeti/Doomtree tour. I'd pee myself.
  • realstevenseagalYep. I feel stupid. Alcohol - 1 Gunnar - 0
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