Paper jam no match for me!  You're welcome @shaunamc80
  • familytechPaper jam no match for me! You're welcome @shaunamc80

  • maurib123Mawahahaha
  • stephmccraticPC load letter
  • theradmc80Bahahahahahaha @tech4moms ya know...I knew it would be even a math up of I had u come help me...not to mention kidnapping u and teaching ur son I am his favorite person in the world was pretty rad too! Thank u soo much the paper jammer whisperer! I love u
  • theradmc80And my math up ...that is code for "match up" ha
  • familytech@evolvedmommy best comment winner!!
  • stephmccraticThanks. I'll take some new pieces of flair as my prize.
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