Panda Bunny is releasing his Friday/Saturday! #chaosbunnies #chaosbunny #joeledbetter #beijing #pandabunny #theloyalsubjects #msxtoygallery
  • joe_ledbetterPanda Bunny is releasing his Friday/Saturday! #chaosbunnies #chaosbunny #joeledbetter #beijing #pandabunny #theloyalsubjects #msxtoygallery

  • famiglia_viennaOnly in China...
  • rudyta2I def need this. The colors....look at the colors ...
  • tubr0lla@chaosfd3s
  • vangiebunch@jonncl @arnoldaustria
  • adamnchickNeed!! 😍😎
  • felipethefishIt's pure awesomeness... It's the perfect cross of two cute and awesome animals...
  • crftbrwdad@joe_ledbetter hi, I received my Panda bunny with a broken ear, from MSX, but it doesn't look like they will be doing anything about it, as all they told me is they have none left to replace it with. how do I get it fixed? Sad to receive a $200 toy broken.. =(
  • joe_ledbetterHi @drftdrgn21 such a bummer and big disappointment. I apologize for all the headache this release has caused from beginning to end. Believe me it was not my intention. Its sad to see my hard work arrive broken :( too. A little dab of superglue will do the trick. I would recommend applying it with a toothpick to avoid over doing it and having it drip down the head. Hold the ear firmly in place for about 30 seconds and it should be good to go. But try to avoid touching it for about a day to allow the glue to fully dry. Thanks and cheers!
  • crftbrwdadThanks! Sucks that I have to glue it a piece of your great art. As a collector, that is a big No No.. =( MSX, won't do anything to help and have only responded once after 3 days of waiting for a reply. Their only response was that EMS states that the package was delivered safely, and I should contact Jonathan @theloyalsubjects. I haven't received any reply there as well. If they packaged it properly it wouldn't have been an issue. =(
  • crftbrwdad@joe_ledbetter what would it cost me to try and make it slightly customized by you? Probably out of my price range huh? =\
  • theloyalsubjects@drftdrgn21 sorry, we haven't seen any contact from you and your Instagram is private so we can't contact you with any tags. If you have a TLS question, please contact and we'll respond to you. Sorry @joe_ledbetter for using your comment box 😊
  • joe_ledbetter@drftdrgn21 They're too rare! :) I won't customize it just because they're so scarce and prefer them as they are. I'm happy to sign it with paint and brush for you though. Hit us up:
  • crftbrwdadThanks guys! @joe_ledbetter @theloyalsubjects emails sent! =)
  • crftbrwdad@theloyalsubjects I made my profile open to public for a bit. =)
  • robo_ohnoDear @joe_ledbetter, I humbly request your magic vinyl creation mechanism be cranked up for the sole purpose of creating one last Panda Bunny to be purchased at retail price by yours truly. I'm shamefully late to the party, and I'm finding the eBay vultures far too obnoxious for my liking this time around. Thank you in advance and continued success.
    In admiration,


    PS, I'm completely aware at how utterly ridiculous this request is. I expect nothing but a judgmental glance and a shake of the head in response. But I certainly feel better having vented. Thanks for the stellar offerings!!
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