Finale at Saint Laurent
  • kegrandFinale at Saint Laurent

  • sebastienbasclemean nothink
  • brunogardiniPoor ysl! Miss him
  • daniwildePauvre st Laurent à dû se retourner dans sa tombe !!
  • marianasucupira@claudiaarbex
  • marcotestahairAWESOME !!! Bravo 👏👏👏 #hedislimane
  • davidhorneNot good!
  • bagaddictsanonArmy of models ala Dolce & Gabbana @kegrand !
  • fionaleahyIt's YSL, it's not Saint Laurent with Yves 😥
  • claudiaarbexEu já vi isto antes😉😉😉 @marianasucupira
  • tinydarsky@mothermodel I spy @graciehartzel 💃💃
  • instabargainHaha @fionaflaherty clearly got things mixed up
  • fionaflaherty@instabargain who are you and what are you talking about?
  • instabargainThe whole "ain't Lauren without Yves" thing is a word play referring to the name change from YSL to SLP. And with that, the change of creative director from S Pilati to H Slimane. Mr Yves retired 2002. And passed away 2008. @fionaflaherty
  • fionaflahertyI have never made comments on this image before asking who you are and what you are talking about 8 minutes ago. You've got the wrong person @instabargain
  • instabargainSorry different person with same name if u scroll up! Meant to say @fionaleahy clearly mixed the whole thing up
  • annemarieleonieAny French person old enough to have lived through Yves time would call YSL: StLaurent as in calling any designer by their last name. YSL was more recently used by the American/ other customers who couldn't pronounce Yves StLaurent.Just saying.
  • fionaleahy@instabargain I'm clearly aware of the name change due to the recent change in creative directors, I'm that Saint Laurent is the same as Yves Saint Laurent. I personally dislike the changes in the company. Ever since Slimane has been the new creative director I feel there has been a major change, and I feel he has taken a too drastic approach to YSL. This is my personal opinion, sorry if this was a misunderstanding.
  • instabargainWell whatever, that's not what you wrote. @fionaleahy
  • kdasoarThe products he is producing do not equate to big the potential and value of the name; it is a like a king cleaning bins
  • rotterdameLooks like that awful Love is a Battlefield video. Ugh.
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