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  • bklyn_breeeze💪👌💋word
  • jamel_8022That's a true statement so iam letting you know iam going to keep asking you until you say yes or no,now AAU basketball season is about to start why not have a girls team,youngladie's from Long Island to the city,which is so talented, why not help some of the girls dreams come true by having the best girls which of course you like the best, I know the best basketball trainer in New York jerry powell he's from Long Island which the girls can go to, he trained nba players college girls and guys that made it to the league, he even train you man irv son,By having the youngladie's travel in summer to basketball tournament were college will be at helps the girls for the future which consist of trying to get a full ride to college and become successful, I know this is not a business deal were your making millions of dollars like you use to,it's just trying to help youngladie get into college by playing a sport they love with your help,you can make dreams come true, let me know what you think,peace,
  • jamel_8022If you have a min you can go to my Facebook page junior iam in a pic with a youngladie you can check out the photos with the future basketball stars,
  • hellotbelloIndeed
  • jamel_8022What's good it's me again the first big AAU tournament for the girls is April it's called Boo Williams, lets make it happen for the young upcoming basketball stars,
  • itzbyrd💪
  • imapmf@mikepiee ....awww he son'd u...nothing worst than that..
  • iliana_dvI needed that tonight
  • hersandsirsbeautybarbershopLove this quote,
  • blacklight_boutiquehe's super inspirational. ...who knew!!!!
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  • z.love2😉
  • girlpowerempireDon't ruin one of the best parts of your life.
  • girlpowerempireDon't be self destructive
  • girlpowerempireDon't distance yourself because of guilt #DealWithIt
  • girlpowerempirePlease
  • girlpowerempireYou can do it
  • vinlayMy favorite passage from Og Mandino
  • p.lo112@corriesuee
  • __calidee__@bert2423 I won't quit!!! (You knw what I mean)
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