• kimkardashian

  • twintwin1315This one That's fabulous and simple Love it KikKk
  • katelynsworldxoUr booooo !
  • kardashiansandjennerloveLove it kiki <3<3
  • cocoleamanOmg @kimkardashian can't get over this, so simple yet so incredible @west__kanye xx
  • zle5a_kwtمايبين خل يضحك جود تبين ضريساته
  • foofiiii@daaboora kaaaaaaaaaaaaaak
  • bloweddoffkushhI love you SOOO MUCH KIM I know how bad you wanted somebody to love and somebody to love you & a family and you are beautiful and I wish you the best. It's crazy how much a celebrity can mean to somebody. I love you & your family!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • motrafh1994@daaboora هههههههههههههههههه يالله فطست ضحك ع تعليقك منجد هالخال مايبين في الظلام ههههههههه
  • ashq91@daaboora هههههههههههههههههههههه😂😂
  • sososo1990sososoسحاية اليل 👌😄
  • najwa1818@scarlett_johanss0n (انتي قحبه) it means in english (you are a bitch)and fuck you
  • najwa1818OK people how need aprostitute here she is @scarlett_johanss0n you can deal with here .. and have agood time bitch
  • theartofjojo@kimkardashian Dear, I've raised my baby sister on my own from 7th grade till today while my 2 parents had cancer, everyday that passed and I see her grow up it means the world 2 me, when she smiles all the pain in my life is gone, even thou I'm gay and catholic Arab and lives with epilepsy and people try to kill me everyday I live for her, I'm sure Ur baby will be lucky I wish u the best, Ur baby is Ur blank white paper fill it with love glamour and music and Barbie :) and I wish u all the best (if u need a baby sitter let me know :) ) good luck and always keep a smile Ur a true strong woman dear and u have an amazing family that stands up for u, wish I had that, loads of love and all good energies ❤ George
  • nawafalsahli187Daaamn
  • lilfox_freezy😍❤
  • story_d1كل زق @gizzy187
  • nawafalsahli187@d7om1_ انتبه مني
  • ward___jooryهههههه اللي مايطول العنب يقول عنه حامض تاج على راسكم الخوال من زينكم والا من زين ريحتكم يالبيض المعفنين يييع
  • moezahmedورد انعل ابوك شوفيهم الخوال تعالي بوريك كيف تحبي المعفنين
  • abdulla_q6r_@ward___joory انششهد انك قحبة بس على سنع ههههههه
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