#nodrinking #motivation @mallorypazder true friends don't let you NOT drink alone lol
  • deenanicolemtv#nodrinking #motivation @mallorypazder true friends don't let you NOT drink alone lol

  • jodiatthediscoOMG deena I'm so happy that you actually read your comments! YAYY you could be reading this right now lol. Well my name is Jodi and I love you! You're so fun and a good friend! And your body is BANGINNNN!! Good luck with not drinking, you can do it! 😚
  • rowe_hm@deenanicolemtv haters hate the people they can't be or the people they can't have !! :) keep being you xo
  • deenanicolemtv@holly_hood9 don't listen to that guy I deleted his comments I don't want negetive bullshit on my time line .. Btw no idea who he is
  • andiechyna5 lbs ain't stopping me 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻
  • andiechyna@ngrazioli
  • hols_a_blond7@deenanicolemtv. Hahahaha omg deena i just read your thing just now about deleting his comments haha...i was too busy going off on him. I cant believe i even went back at him but he just pisses me the fuck off about how im illiterate because im from the hood. And everything else. Im about to delete all my shit to him. Im sorry but he really made me mad. Im laughing kow though because you dont even know him hahah. I think its AMAZING that you respond to your comments
  • hols_a_blond7@deenanicolemtv im not gonna keep blowing your instagram up. Im happy you saw all that for what it was and im even happier that your a real person and fame didnt get the best of you like most (not all but almost) of the cast. Mtv lost you but jersey didnt and thats way better any day. Keep being you @deenanicolemtv <3
  • forevermeexoxo@deenanicolemtv let the haters hate . After all u are famous for what you do ! And your awesome . An regardless u are beautiful an u are successfull and doing a lot better than most !
  • ambere_lyne@deenanicolemtv I really just gained a whole new respect for you. Not only for the healthy message this post shows to people but also for sticking up for yourself and fans that were negatively spoken to or about on this post. You truly are a great person and you should be proud of who you are and for all accomplishments you achieve whether it be big or small. True fans will see you for the person you are in real life rather then a tv character. 😃✌
  • hols_a_blond7@amberej5683 i agree 1000%...i always new this all to be true but @deenanicolemtv, you truly verified and show your true colors and that is a big deal. I effing love you!!! And all of the people on this post that are in your corner and rule at life like we do haha
  • anthonyabroI will love my life if u tag me in a comment 😁 @deenanicolemtv
  • __tiffany_marie__@deenanicolemtv listen hun. You don't have to prove ANYTHING to anyone. I don't know you personally, but we share a few mutual friends. I'm from Jackson. Went to memorial. 06'. From what I've heard of you, your very kind & generous. Jacksons not that big a town so I'm pretty aside your just a regular Jersey girl like the rest of us. & of that's true of you then you probably enjoy simple joys like us & it probably doesn't take much to make you happy. You just happen to get famous lol. Hey. I'm may not be famous but I'm glad someone from my stomping grounds could shed a little light on south Jersey! Stay strong & stay true to who you are. Don't try & prove your self to anyone, your haters won't believe you & your friends don't need it. Xoxo tiff
  • georgiapeach_59@deenanicolemtv you go girl! I love the show but love even more the new you. Anyone can plainly see what a caring person you are and I wish you luck in your future endeavors.
  • 143tyty@deenanicolemtv have you ever struggled with addiction? Or have you always just been able to stop when you want? I sure wish I could just give up my vice...
  • cee_dubyaa@norminator88 quit trying to sell that garbage on instagram, everyone knows they're bs. You can wrap yourself up as much as you want all that water weight and all that will come back a few days later
  • kay782Lol
  • onedirection612345Wats ya #
  • oliviamarklovefoster@caelynn_carroll_99 @larwelch she's going to Aruba!
  • eveie87@j3wl3s for FL?
  • jeanette.chavLol this is us also @elisey329
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