• thenewclassicMini

  • ee_ceeLol it's impossible not to love & respect @thenewclassic you're not doing anything wrong & stick to your approach on the video. Kids on toddlers & tiaras go through more than that adorable little girl
  • thenewclassic@sicamore I never insulted you though, you stated an opinion I think is unwarranted and explained why you might need to re think the statement. I didn't call you a bitch or tell you to fuck yourself. But you're unwilling to have a conversation. Oh well.
  • leonstheronShe looks cute & she seems to be having a good time... Ppl who talk that deep ways of the world is crooked bs but stay on social networks are the biggest jokes.
  • funderle@thenewclassic iggy will you be at bonnaroo??
  • 4braceletzzShe looks adorable AND age appropriate. I think its really cool of you to take such an interest in someone else's kid. That's one little girl that will grow up to respect herself.
  • purplehayes591I didn't even realize it had a brand on it..... Or that it was a jersey until I read comments. Haha but yea definitely a mini you. Daughter?
  • juicyyjackiieeAwh iggy you guys are bestfriends she probably loves you !! @thenewclassic
  • naatsterr#jeremyscott
  • fuffsI am a mother too. I just looked through all the pics and there are no dodgy or loss of innocence pictures. I used to dress up in my moms stilettos and walk up and down the landing of our block. I enjoyed it. Imaginative play. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Keep doing your thing @thenewclassic
  • lexmcdermottI LOVE LAMP. ❤💡😁
  • lilsawcey@thenewclassic i love how you brought back mini iggs ♡♡ love that she's dressed like a kid too !
  • valentinavilanova@itsjeremyscott @pabloolea
  • laurenbxxx@elle69x
  • beenugsOh she in dat Jeremy Scott. 🔥🔥
  • alexander_the_great87@thenewclassic this is awesome! How I want my kids to be : )
  • ho0od_Lol cutee♥
  • jvo2013@sicamore you didn't get under her skin you just didnt make any since
  • sofia_fiaaLol @thank_____u
  • ss.depressionHow is she related to you @thenewclassic ??
  • ker_sd82She's so cute
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