It was a rough one, but we finished! To chocolate!
  • catherinegiudiciIt was a rough one, but we finished! To chocolate!

  • nikbarone@fajardo11 oh my gosh they did? how? i need to know!
  • jessi_kerHow does your hair still manage to look good after a race?! So jeal. @catherinegiudici
  • bdazzieMaybe it's a before shot @jessi_ker
  • girlmama4You are so gorgeous girl!!
  • kendallp123Your so fit
  • ciji.tonesitupI am doing this run this month in San Diego!
  • summer_koberOMG I LUV U AND I LIVE IN SEATTLE TOO!!!!
  • christinakohlCatherine I am so happy for you and Sean you don't even know I wrote down on an index card your name on the first night, knowing you would win. I kept it in my drawer for the whole season and turns out you fell in love with Sean! You both need to not let anything come between you because you are right for eachother . I am wishing you the best life together full of love and happiness❤ I may sound like a crazy fan but I'm not I'm a normal teenager who loves this couple! It's nothing I've ever seen, such love
  • fashion2454Ur the best
  • mysunnyskiesWay to go (and you still manage to look great afterwards)!
  • cjermm@catherinegiudici literally girl, you look amazing as always! I'm so happy you and Sean are a couple now, you so deserve each other! I love you!!
  • hbhbhb824@seanloweksu aren't you proud?!
  • kaj0007Proud of you my girl
  • emilystl0uisAnd you still look perfect after...
  • sashabennetttomg! both of you remind me of my friend chloe and I
  • kristinajean_How much do you weigh? You are TEENY! So jealous
  • edi_navarro123Muito gata
  • kate.harderOmg is that the chocolate run???
  • kananilua_@abbeyperkins_13 This would so be me and you
  • meryyylll@catherinegiudici ahhmmmm we do look alike esp during my teenage years. I actually didn't know you until my aunt sent me a photo of you. Hahaha! Congratulations on your wedding. And yes you are absolutely beautiful! 😊
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