Goes to show you I even created a LLC 323 days ago in Kashs name!
  • kimzolciakbiermannGoes to show you I even created a LLC 323 days ago in Kashs name!

  • heatherurb@kimzolciakbiermann I thought at last year's reunion Kandi said she never told you about the name. Then last night she said that you stole it?!?
  • terri.hagans@mcknighttxo_ I do extraordinary well in my capacity. I'm not a bottom feeder. Broadened your mind and you too will be successful on your own terms...not riding someone else wave. ;)
  • jilliansmimiI have a friend that has a 4 yr old named Kash
  • barbieeesydneeyThat's ugly ass name anyway. She thinks that it's some special type of name whatever.
  • ms.inkedup8915Kim let that shit go please its pointless
  • amadalovelyMy sons name is Kade !!
  • __kath@haleybell19 She's posted her address before when she was attempting to sell that house.
  • __kath@ayeitsjessiiidoll 'LLC' stands for 'limited liability company.'
  • hizonlydes1reIf she wasnt guilty she wouldn't be so quick to hush it! Yeah it says 323 days ago but when was the tapering done for the show? So it's more then likely she did take the name. It's months before they show these shows. Like Phaedra is already 7 months pregnant but we don't see that in the show yet!
  • yerani_kmAnyone see that episode of SATC where Charlotte's baby name was stolen! Seriously...I'm sure Atlanta can handle two babies named Kash, especially since one of them is a non-existent, not yet conceived child who may or may not be born...just saying
  • burgundylipstick@prettytee_5 the correct terminology is "out of sight, out of MIND"...not 'mine'
  • terri.hagans@burgundylipstick ok, grammatical error on that thread. All others were grammatically correct. Thanks for picking that up and bringing it to my attention. ;)
  • wtffckK im cant. Ownthat name kash kandi said if she had a son she would name it
  • laurenschreinerDon't listen to those bad comments. I love u and your family
  • toyia_24Q
  • allure_lynnBullshit.
  • coco_yolo5Kim stole Kandi babys name...Jus like she ran off with Tardy for the Party song...........u need to have Big Poppa buy u out that contract and give credit and Kash where its due
  • coco_yolo5Poor Kroy.....I really feel for him.....she spending up all his money....BISH go to work
  • avajaysmamaWhy comment if your just gonna be a hating ass bitch...#jealousystatus.
  • liv_80_Kandi Dnt even have a baby yet so y she tripping over a baby name!!!!!
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