We lost Alix and Vic
  • nickdiaz209We lost Alix and Vic

  • poppakmartIdc what happened at the fight ur still my nigga nick he may b a better wrestler but we all know who the better fighter is. @nickdiaz209. Keep doin ur thing dawg ur too raw to stop.
  • ekibfhHahaha
  • jared_aznarPussy! All you can do is talk your happy ass off just quit already!
  • danielcvrrbs@_asnar_ says the guy with emoji diamonds next to his name and a bible verse for his bio. Go jack off to GSP.
  • taylor_209@_asnar_ Diaz is the best! Better than everybody! It's true! Now take the damn diamonds outta ur bip
  • taylor_209@_asnar_ bio. It makes you look gay as hell. Don't Be Scared Homie
  • karendavis72Saw the pics of GSP'S face after the fight ....lMFAO!!!!
  • vegetarianfighterLol
  • curlyq3782Quit that vegan shit! Everything in moderation. Go 185 beat Anderson silva.
  • curlyq3782@erictorrrs Anderson Silva is just a man dude capable of defeat. Pussy. Nick's a vegan but he ain't no slapped jawed faggot!
  • erictorrrs_bjjOkay number one. I don't care what diet Diaz is on, that's irrelevant. Two phrase your sentences better because I don't know if your calling me a pussy or Diaz one. Third there are only two people who have a chance of beating Anderson Silva, that's Jon Jones and GSP, so what makes you think Diaz who has lost to GSP has a chance at Silva, and before people jump down my throat Jon Jones would undoubtedly win against Silva @curlyq3782
  • curlyq3782@erictorrrs One Nick has a better chin and better boxing than the recent contenders Silva has been facing. Two Gsp is scared doesn't want it. He's not a better wrestler than Chael or Weidman. Stylistically Nick isn't afraid anybody like most of Anderson's opponents including GSP. I think it would make for match of the decade. The diet part was a note more to Diaz than you.
  • erictorrrs_bjjHow can you say GSP didn't want it? GSP best Diaz on the ground and standing up... 12 minutes of the 25 min fight was standing up, I already know what you're going to say next that GSP held Diaz down blah blah. Diaz is a Gracie bjj black belt of he can't get up that's a problem. and it wouldn't make a match for the decade honestly no one would care, and everyone would be pissed because it wasn't GSP or Jones that flight Silva. @curlyq3782
  • curlyq3782@erictorrrs GSP doesn't want the Silva fight. He starts making excuses saying he's a ectomorph body type and if he goes up he's staying horse shit. Do you know why it was standing 12 minutes? Diaz had 8 successful takedown defenses. More than any other fighter GSP has faced. Diaz cuts weight o get to 170. There is no way in hell GSP can beat Anderson. Hes not a better wrestler than Chael or Weidman styleistcly Diaz would be better than GSP. I'm not saying nobody wants to see the silva jones fight. That 20lb difference just won't happen. Btw Silva would beat jones. It's like saying kobe is better than Jordan. Silva is master. Jones is just a copycat.
  • oaklandraider510@nickdiaz209 is everything all good bruh? What happen
  • rertelt\,,/
  • gabritaylorEl mejor wualter del mundo ...idolo
  • sergioadominguezNick you're the best no matter what!!! 👏👏👏
  • smacdiezelKampman called you out!!!!
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