Yes i am on the sidewalk :/
  • nickdiaz209Yes i am on the sidewalk :/

  • bvan145FTP
  • _chad_z@b_obvious I meant to look at the fight metric to show that GSP outstruck Diaz. GSP did take him down to put the fight where he wanted but Nick only attempted one submission the entire fight. If the fight looked like the recent Guida/Hioki fight then it would be different.
  • _chad_zSorry to be an armchair MMA fighter on your post (Not completely armchair I do train) @nickdiaz209 hope you don't retire.
  • 916oaklandaschick@nickdiaz209 are you in the heights??? I recognize those cop cars lol
  • unactive123456unfollowWhat happened??
  • mimballer@nickdiaz209 he still got his ass beat by a French Canadian , and hey nick ,your check still ain't enough for you to get pampered like Gsp does cause it's not enough money haha your not the champ
  • jayboy06@nickdiaz209 I'm still riding with you nick!!! The UFC has turn sour and boring! No one wants to fight everyone just wants to hold people down and win a fight!
  • babyjokerxxxxxdo not pass go do not collect bitch
  • karendavis72Loved the pic of gap after the fight!! He didn't have the balls to stand with you and still got his face wrecked!
  • calendar_girrlNo bueno cousin
  • thegr33kFuck tha police
  • cesarortegaaaaNick u shoulda chin checked those cops fuckthapolice
  • alexgray1122My old stomping grounds bruh, Citrus Heights and Roseville
  • alexgray1122My old stomping grounds bruh, Citrus Heights and Roseville
  • ekibfh@nickdiaz209 Hah man ur always in trouble. P.s. sad cause u did not win the gsp fight...
  • curlyq3782@dvine66 how the fuck you what he got paid? Dumbass!
  • mimballer@curlyq3782 cause I'm in the industry FAQ face
  • mimballerShut your fat ass up bitch and go paint on your eye brows and lose a couple pounds @kali_valdez cow
  • curlyq3782@dvine66 even Diaz's accountant doesn't know what Diaz got paid. You think you do. I say your a liar unless you prove it FAQ
  • sjordantnI see the homophobic comments from the guys typically but real classy @kali_valdez
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