A pair of Kellys: Head Coach Chip Kelly with renowned #Eagles National Anthem singer Timmy Kelly.
  • philadelphiaeaglesA pair of Kellys: Head Coach Chip Kelly with renowned #Eagles National Anthem singer Timmy Kelly.

  • jgooter@young_boss_13 no, im hating on you, im telling you to go somewhere else with your pointless remarks
  • pumes_mcdowell@jgooter The eagles have been a very good team throught the NFL history but still haven't won a Superbowl. Im not saying I like the cowboys becayse I dont. I am a giants fan and just scrolled through and saw this. Sorry to burst your bubble. Have fun with all of those superbowl trophies Philadelphia haha
  • jgooter@young_boss_13 props to you for coming to another team's page when your QB, loses consecutive win and your in season ending games..bravo
  • jgooter@pumer_mcdowell and how did you personally help the giants win theirs? thought so..the eagles have 3 NFL championships, before the NFL/AFL merger..youre not bursting my bubble
  • pumes_mcdowell@jgooter I didn't say you didn't have championships but no superbowls. That's all im saying
  • jgooteryoure a giants fan hanging out on the eagles page, cute. im just saying
  • jgooter@pumer_mcdowell btw, i'll take the miracle at meadowlands over a trophy anyday..its not every year a team comes back from 20+ points in 8 mins..ppl remember that longer than who won a superbowl a particular year
  • sier_moneyWe goin to get it
  • pumes_mcdowell@jgooter ill give you props for that one. Hope your season will end up the way you want it to
  • jgooterwith our new coach, it will, hope your boys in blue can hang with us in the NFC east, we're taking over
  • tysonsterling@suppamannn @jgooter eagles are gong to get the turn around award this year for sure. Always liked the eagles, but since you just swooped my coach from Oregon, I'm fully on the band wagon. I love chip and hope y'all do too. He will do great things for this offense. This might sound like a shocker but looks for Maclin to go off this year. He'll be the DeAnthony Thomas of this eagles team (duck reference). Go eagles!
  • wutangaChip Kelly is going to make this a great year :D
  • tysonsterling@young_boss_13 people do obviously care... Because people like us are taking.
  • jgooter@tysonsterling maclin has been the beast for the eagles, hes not scared to go across the middle and take a knock, ive liked his play style since mizzou, the kid's got heart..im excited for chip to come in
  • tysonsterling@jgooter my bad, I totally meant Deshawn Jackson. Maclin is and has been an animal. However Jackson's Been in the dump the last few years. Watch for him to be ridiculous this year. He's the DeAnthony Thomas of the team this year.
  • jgooter@tysonsterling djax has speed but that cat is too skinny, lol. he needs to bulk up a lil
  • smoozyrahman@tysonsterling djac has been stretching the field so maclin can be a beast
  • stitchxxivTIMMY!!!
  • rockybalboa_Yo!!
  • andyd409Timmy is awesome, and friends with my kids!
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