This pizza box raises more questions than answers.
  • flansyflansThis pizza box raises more questions than answers.

  • alexalaserTour develops new flavour. Love it.
  • garyhoareAt least I know what my nightmare will be about tonight. Yeesh.
  • just.mary.gaddThe answer is that you got the best local pizza in Cbus. Great show tonight!!!
  • paydrathis is a lot of things, and all of them are horribly unsettling
  • middlemostHahahaha!
  • shannguinPizza Box Raises New and Troubling Questions,
  • halfwrittentaleAt least its printed on. It would be worse if was in response to a 'draw something on the box' q
  • zafojonesIn Soviet Russia, Pizza Gollum eats you. (Actually, Pizza Gollum will eat you regardless of geography)
  • mannequinhandsThere's a reason Mikey's most popular condiment is called Slut Sauce.
  • kiki_la_rue_80Dislike! I want that nowhere near my insides!
  • caffryneNever trust a pizza slice wearing thongs with socks
  • brianharwoodThe business owner actually thought " yeah, this will entice people's appetite, because people enjoy hairy legged pizza"
  • manundsoI'll eat your EYES
  • gingernautI've never wished I designed something more in my life. I love this.
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