Heavy session at Combi tonight: @christianhosoi @tommyguerrero @steviecab Mullen @owlcat @mikemcgill @lancemountain #dreamteam
  • tonyhawkHeavy session at Combi tonight: @christianhosoi @tommyguerrero @steviecab Mullen @owlcat @mikemcgill @lancemountain #dreamteam

  • wav3y_xThe legends
  • the_only_cheevNoooo wayyyy. Man what a great time this must have been. I would have loved to watch you guys. :-).
  • christoph_newman@Tonyhawk Great shot of the gang. I still can not think of a better group of guys to idolize, as a teenager, than you guys. I cherish the your hard work, perseverance, autographs and short moments with each and every one of your fans. I will never forget the day at Expo 86 Vancouver vert competition (you, Mcgill, Cab, Kasai, Hosoi battled hard at that comp, first time i saw the mctwist live) when I asked you shyly for your autograph and you replied with, "sure buddy". It meant the world to me at that time and i just wanted to say thanks. So proud of the BB and all your own personal achievements. Skate or Die!
  • pretty_radHaha I love how some legends get eclipsed by others... not even a hashtag for this one particular mofo ...
  • helder_v.r.m🙏🙏🙏
  • walkertzElite...
  • radityaidrisCool moment!
  • jaredrippleMullen needs an Instagram! @heyitslujan
  • carlitoe_briganteclassic skateboarding #pioneers
  • hpmisfitBad ass picture man all the legends @tonyhawk
  • ras1976Old school 100x100
  • good_intentions_killaThis is a rad photo
  • lukas_cujGood to see bunch of pro bros kickn it like u guys do. Respect
  • arifproklamasiawesome
  • ben_cuthbertson1Got all original games ps1
  • robyraniThe "skateboard" That's it
  • el_pollokushwoooooo :0
  • kawaiibae.jpSo yea. I just finish watching the bones brigade video @tonyhawk
  • durasduras@adamesko Ganska tung bild
  • jabbs13I finally finished watching Bones Brigade & this photo makes my heart melt. What an awesome documentary about not only your sport but each of you! When Lance shed a tear at the end... Game over. I lost it. Hahaha What amazing, genuine people you all seem to be. Thanks for sharing your paths to greatness with us!
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