Slowly changing into my IRONMAN suit... #NormaTec boots and elbow ice of recovery
  • unclejg8Slowly changing into my IRONMAN suit... #NormaTec boots and elbow ice of recovery

  • sabrynnapYou are my true ideal. When you first started to play I thought you were amazing. I saw you play more and you started to be my ideal. When I would tell my friends about you nobody knew who I was talking about. The other day I was a the mall, I walked into a sports shop and asked the guy if he had any Jeff Green Jerseys. He looked at me so surprised and said "you watch the celtics!" I said to him yes I do. And I'm proud to be Jeff Greens biggest fan.! My whole room is celtics!! I know you may not see this but I'm happy either way. Do or don't. Keep it up Green💚💚💪😘🏀 @unclejg8
  • celticsnation5Glad to see that your good man!! Get better!!
  • b_kerr44Are you an astronaut part time?
  • alicia22bethTake it easy we need you much love sexy man
  • drewcoveney191@unclejg8 dude took a beating last night
  • bigdogvtDidn't like seeing you hit the deck against golden state, was really happy to see you back in the game a few minutes later!! Big up !
  • russelllaxGet well bru.
  • onebGet well soon!! Love you! :)
  • aclegg34Coincidentally Jeff played his best by far in the only game he started this year.. Like I've been saying all year #startjeffgreen
  • rightnowing5keep moving Jeff!!!
  • joe___broYOU SIR A BOSS!!!!
  • rhodyreds@unclejg8 hey man you were sick last night! Your by far my favorite player. So glad the celts locked to up long term! You play wit passion!!!
  • dmv_shawtyWhat do those leg things do???
  • _jaysmoove3Play with confidence big fella!!! C's up im coming to so you play march 23 in memphis I want to see you do well this season fam
  • kiki7219@xoxocrystalxoxo yummy
  • conradgallagherJeff you are my favorite player and dunker. Through one down for me
  • izzy_jeweler@unclejg8 whats good bro holla at me for the hottest jewelry and watches
  • wklandrieu#inspiration @unclejg8
  • ieattheyeatkmwSometimes I wish I had those after my games.
  • lethalshooter@unclejg8 keep doing your thing bro.
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