Vers Vlees: the Flash Orange @lazersport Helium. #oranjedoping
  • cycleboredomVers Vlees: the Flash Orange @lazersport Helium. #oranjedoping

  • watchcwgoThis is high on my want list. Find their sizing to be in between the bell/giro I'm used to. Any feedback regarding sizing?
  • cycleboredom@watchcwgo Sorry for the delay, but I've been trying to piece together sizing charts. Lazer changes their sizing yearly, so it's difficult. But, with the 2013 Heliums, I'm wearing a medium which I wear in Giro. I think my head is 58cm. Hope that helps. You can also contact @lazerhelmets on Twitter, they'll be more than happy to help. cc: @lazersport
  • watchcwgoThanks for the reply. I was unsure if med. would be big enough, but we are similarly sized so I will try it.
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