My face has litterally been stuck like this for 24 hours.... Hope y'all like the beat down. @4everbrandy seemed to like it🙌
  • beatfacehoneyMy face has litterally been stuck like this for 24 hours.... Hope y'all like the beat down. @4everbrandy seemed to like it🙌

  • val_edBest face Ive seen on Brandy and you know her makeup is always on point. I know how much you wanted this! Congrats!!!! GOD bless!!!!
  • beautyneverexpires@beatfacehoney I love her makeu♥p. Congrats to you keep doing your thing! Dreams do come true ☆
  • divaa_maharaniReally dramatic lips :)
  • chevonlatoyaAwesome!! Congrats!
  • u_nniquekayStunning looks great
  • facebynikSo happy for u!!
  • ainedue@misskeke4rmsd
  • asbb_ig@beatfacehoney, so happy for you hun! And yeah Brandy looks gorgeous.
  • themakeupaficionadoYou both look amazing!!! So happy for you!!!
  • prettymewithamberBeautiful!!!!!!!!
  • ambassadorofbeautyYou go girl! Congrats!
  • sherlyinthecityCongratulations! Such an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing! Really goes to show you that no matter what the odds are that are going against you, if you set your mind to "i'm going to do this" it will ALWAYS happen. Love it! May God continue to bless you! :-)
  • staceyangelapprovedAwesome @4everbrandy
  • taiwanbrownYou are gorgeous... brandy looks nice too.
  • misslisaamarieHi Tatiana! My name is Lisa Marie, I'm 17, I'm a senior in high school, I live in NYC and I'm a big fan of your work. I love that you are so determined, you have big dreams, and you go after them because I'm the same way. I just read your article on necole's website and I thought I should hit you up. I am a HUGE fan of the teen rapper & son of Rev Run Diggy Simmons and I've been trying to get Him to take me to prom for a while now. I want him to be my date for many reasons, one being the fact that he has inspired me to go after what I want in life by leadin by example and another being because he is so freakin AWESOME! I'm not one of those crazy fans that would make him scared or anything lol, I've actually met him on many different occasions. You have no idea how much he means to me and how amazing it would be to go to prom with him. Especially since he won't have his own prom. I made a video on YouTube and I made a twitter specifically for this reason (@4LetterWordPROM) the name was inspired by a song by his called 4 Letter Word (love). I hope that you see this and check it out so that my dreams can come true just like yours!
    Love you & Thank you for reading :)
  • dopedistrict@4Everbrandy
  • makeupbybrittanymYou did a beautiful job girl! Lovely makeup
  • theellesseexperienceLove!
  • letmebegreatMany blessings to you.
  • brackett0701✨Congrats!!!! so happy for you✨
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