make sure u catch me on real time with bill maher on hbo 2nite 10 pst!!
  • snoopdoggmake sure u catch me on real time with bill maher on hbo 2nite 10 pst!!

  • longdayslongboardsYeeeeeahhh
  • alicehomechinNun te sta a preoccupà snoopy
  • dropeguimas@snoopdogg
  • apollo22aaAnyone hating on Bill Maher doesnt understand real
  • apollo22aaWatch Bill Maher's #Religulous...see for yourself
  • mister_treeIm a fan of religulous, and used to be a fan of his show, please explain yourself @anwar22maru ? Because once you watch his show for a while its quite easy to see that he is a fake liberal.
  • apollo22aaFake liberal or not I don't see many others with his influence tackling and exposing big things like seems to do...@mister_tree better than most other sources out there...including most news media broadcasted to us
  • mister_treeAside from the sham of religion he has tried to expose, he's done nothing more than stand for false values. He led the charge against Bush due to his unjust wars, and illegal wire tapping , yet when Obama does the same multiplied by 10, he remains silent. That, my friend, is someone who lacks real morals and values, and who values political ties to a party more than a value he once stood for. Not trying to be disrespectful, just trying to open your eyes.
  • dandooni22Listen he is a puppet of the media he isn't the show director or the script writer he's the show host ,some retard that has a bias agenda and will never give you the truth
  • icolleenLOL something's weird about people who look for places to spread hate. Go away, go find pics that you like and say nice things! Leave us alone :) I love me some Billy #thetruthhurts
  • mister_treeWho's spreading hate @icolleen . Please elaborate further? Is pointing out obvious facts, now spreading hate? It seems your hashtag is directed to you, because the truth obviously is hurting YOU the most. Nothing you said has any truth in it, your argument was subjective about your likes vs dislikes. Where as the point I'm trying to convey deals with love and caring of those affected, while you enjoy your "billy" from the comfort of your home.
  • __black.eagleMelvyn
  • __black.eagleMelvyn
  • __black.eagleAs
  • rsmith9717#mister_tree what unjust wars has BO started? What is 10 time worse?
  • picturedreakU were great!!!!!!!! Have u ever considered ayaska???
  • dutchessofrap👍👍 loved u on the show @snoopdogg
  • calical68Bill can suck a fat one
  • killah93All'in bro
  • inspirepostssHaha I love Bill<3
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