A great photo following the win over the Islanders.
  • mapleleafsA great photo following the win over the Islanders.

  • melanietrolleyReimer rockin cock in the back
  • sc00tordieI'm sorry anyone who thinks the sens suck we'll when was the last time the leafs made the playoffs? Who won against the leafs the sens so suck it up. Ottawa has injury problems and we are still kicking ass
  • shobhitbanwaitLast time I checked the Leafs would kick sens ass i playoffs haha. Sweeep sweep
  • jasondamianiOttawa..... Lmfao GO LEAFS GO!
  • kieran_a13@thesensking kicking ass isn't the word you should be using. The sens are where they solely because of the goaltending, the bubble will burst soon enough when you're unable to score even one goal with that shitty offence.
  • sc00tordie@kieran_a13 shitty offence I'm sorry who kicked your ass with that " shitty" offence
  • kieran_a13@thesensking 3-2 isn't an ass kicking when the final goal was in the last 30 seconds... Who won 3-0 before that? What have been the scores of the last 5 games the sens have played, they score even more then 2 a game?
  • sc00tordie@kieran_a13 and that's why the leafs haven't made the playoffs in how many years
  • kieran_a13@thesensking that's completely unrelated to how bad the sens offence. Good job changing the subject, Turris leads the team with a mighty 12pts, damn that's as much as our 4th pairing dman franson 🙌
  • sc00tordie@kieran_a13 um I'm sorry who is more points than the leafs with this " shitty offence "
  • kieran_a13@thesensking like I said before, retard. your goaltending has gotten you this far with all the injuries not your offence.
  • sc00tordie@kieran_a13 ur just butt hurt that ottawa is doing better
  • kieran_a13@thesensking you're a pt ahead... So much better 👏
  • sc00tordie@kieran_a13 It doesn't matter about the player points in matters about the wins that ottawa has more than the leafs
  • sc00tordie@kieran_a13 and that's why we're winning hey
  • jon_gwonHaha actually retard... The Leafs have more wins! The Sens just got a bunch of points for LOSING in overtime! Get your facts straight!
  • jon_gwonOh, and last time the Leafs and the Sens met in the playoffs (04') We beat in the first round. The inaccuracy of your comments hurt my head.
  • 1aclarkNice pic
  • ben549Lol look at reimer
  • raffa__fReimer looks as if he won the Stanley cup
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