nobody got time for this shit
  • frenchmontananobody got time for this shit

  • 1ofakindeb#THATSREAL
  • letmebegreatb@corrupteds0uls bum ass nigga get a life and get off his page then faggot type a nigga come on a rapper page talking shit fuck nigga you broke that's why you mad broke nigga 2 cents don't matter you wasn't there so if you don't know shut the fuck up
  • letmebegreatbYea nigga CokeBoys ima part of this shit my homie ain't responding but I damn sure will
  • bruthaphil@cb_cokeboys Why you mad doe?
  • bruthaphilPs - Learn to form a grammatically correct sentence. You might come off a bit smarter if you knew how to use periods and comas.
  • letmebegreatb@corrupteds0uls ain't mad bra but you talking crazy about my OG n my crew
  • bruthaphil@cb_cokeboys Cause I'd hope if him or one of the crew got shot or something happened to them that someone would have enough respect to "have time for this". Even if it meant talking to the pigs. His fans might not have been rich but they're the ones putting money in your pockets and the reason there is anyone standing at your shows. I hope he would care about them. Love french montanas music but its discouraging as hell to know he doesn't give two fucks if you end up dead on the sidewalk after one of his shows.
  • hustleandpraysuaveLol
  • lbree2e@cb_cokeboys don't even respond to the negativity. Let the people talk. People will do anything to draw yall out of character and give yall a bad image but nobody can give yall a bad image but yourself. Imma rapper myself I love this music and when I make it no bullshit like this is gonna bring me down. Remember that bro.
  • shajamm88_mmb@tonykaddoura69 fuck you go suck a dick. U didn't know @moneymakingbrim so don't say anything abt my son
  • shajamm88_mmb@cb_cokeboys somebody just showed me ur comment. Jay was a good guy n he would have never been in Philly if it wasn't for you guys. We never even knew @frenchmontana was until Jay told us
  • shajamm88_mmb@tonykaddoura69 your weak sauce don't have time for dum ass niggas
  • shajamm88_mmb@cb_cokeboys since you was there can you answer some question for me ?
  • shajamm88_mmb@tonykaddoura69 NIGGA PLS Coke boys ain't no fan of mines. But again you didn't know my son so you don't need to say shit abt him. Ppl always get balls on this social media but if I was in ur face u would do nothing but "Bow Down"
  • fancysolMy favorite officer!!!
  • csmxoword
  • shajamm88_mmb@corrupteds0uls idk if I ever thank you for you words abt this IG pic. My son was shot and killed that night. French n Coke Boys claimed that the dude was trying to kill @meekmill but he reached out to me and told me he had never to do with it. So who am I going to believe hear say or the source. Meek gets mad respect from n my people's @frenchmontana he can go suck a dick. Diddy said no Bitchassness he has one on his team. @iamdiddy @cb_cocainecity
  • shajamm88_mmbThis quote still hurts me. Its been 3 months and my heart gets worse. I miss my son he was my only child. And to know that night I saw this pic an captions not knowing it was my son yhat was dead hurt. Ive been in the hospital since I buried him. I need GOD to heal me to pray for others more than I pray for myself. I hate french and the man that murdered my son. But @corrupteds0uls thanks again for your words. @cb_cocainecity you keep sticky up for your son was promoting his shit hd could careless.
  • jaystacks23So Mutch bread and can't pay for a casket
  • deja_kennediChinxxxxxxxxx 😍😍😍
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