With my friends from Qantas. G'day!
  • theellenshowWith my friends from Qantas. G'day!

  • heartland_amy_tyI love ellen
  • mammaanna_When I looked at the photo quick it looks like the legs between yours belonged to your body.. Ha ha! Love your show!! / Anna from Sweden
  • mammaanna_@theellenshow
  • hhheeeyyy_7Lol
  • arletty_the_yeti_Oh em gee I love you show me and my mom watches every day .my mom always has to restart the whole thing because she missed half of it
  • arletty_the_yeti_I mean OMG
  • harmonyrockaI love you ellen u rock and I watch your show every single day
  • sirdbizzle#twerkteam
  • makenna_kate820Love u
  • cherrihfentyEllen i love you, you are really good person 🌹❤☺😘💋🎊🙌 wish you all luck and hapiness
  • tra0031You are such a great person
  • grandmamafYes u have done awesome things for many people . Let me tell u in a nutshell about myself ok not like u read this anyway but I don't care , because maybe u will 18 Grad 18 married 18 baby ok 33 years yes stilll happily married to my sweet heart yes we have 5 boys 1 granddaughter & one on the way it's been a ride but a good one I know u will never read this but If u do I can't sing i'am shy I don't have any talent other than I love my family my husband children & grand babies my email is grandmamaf@hotmail.com if u read this but I know u will not
  • 4eva_aeneaI really want to be on your show because you are amazing and kind and wonderful in all ways
  • liron_cohen12Ellen u should be on every single front cover magazines with ur beautiful wife portia
  • peace_out2BIG fan theellenshow#
  • peace_out2@peace_out2
  • peace_out2@theellenshow
  • peace_out2Can u put 1 of my pic's @theellenshow ??????!!!!!!!Please:( :)
  • _alyssa_here_😂 twerk team
  • angelicapalaciocNjhh
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