I'm disgusting! My landing at LAX drive home ritual... Ugh!
  • juleshoughI'm disgusting! My landing at LAX drive home ritual... Ugh!

  • ash_rose_gYou are not alone!!!
  • ali_ambrosiThe only thing better than a Tito's taco... Is 2.
  • sharingmylifeinpixWhat about Del Taco? :P
  • m.o.m.l.a.r.kBest hole in the wall ever❗👍
  • erin_coakley😍😍 yummmm
  • aliceb40Sausage for breakfast, tacos for lunch! What a day! Lol
  • dorothyparker216Titis Tacos is the bomb! This reminds me I'm past due to pay them a visit. Thanks for the reminder @juleshough 👍
  • yvonne_19Titos so freaking amazing
  • aniushka26Hehe
  • aniushka26you can eat whatever you want and you will still look beautiful
  • mekennabreeThat's the first place we took @nriskie when she landed too hehe! It's the best...and always a MUST when getting home! Had it twice this week and I was just the local/driver each time ;) Yummmm! Glad you're home safely!! Xo
  • alaina_kay22I'm going to be visiting Los Angeles in July and I'm flying into LAX I'll have to stop and try some!!
  • januariWe love Tito's. It's a family tradition when we're in California.
  • armywife2424That place is so delish, especially their bean and cheese burritos!
  • danahathawayAlways would go there after going to the LA temple. So good!!
  • limaballer03That's my dads name hahah @juleshough
  • gi_barbie08My family and I go to Cracker Barrel right after I land in Florida...every time haha
  • shellibird1It's my favorite Julianne!!
  • mcalit1My hometown tradition....grew up on titos!
  • allielibeerScreenshotted. Ur famous @merrittvaughn
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