Woooiiiii!!! How phucked up is this?!! Oh Riccardo, you really outdid yourself this time!!! What a wonderful surprise, thank you #Givenchy #VeRihRARE #PhreshOut #stayinyolane #phuckyolane #whatlane
  • badgalririWoooiiiii!!! How phucked up is this?!! Oh Riccardo, you really outdid yourself this time!!! What a wonderful surprise, thank you #Givenchy #VeRihRARE #PhreshOut #stayinyolane #phuckyolane #whatlane

  • kingjesusmuhammad@badgalriri Why is it harder to convince people that you aren't in the dumass illuminati then it is for me to convince people who I am? Do you have an opinion on this so I can talk about other more important things? I know you just let people talk but it infuriates me to see people writting that and u playing along. I kno ur not for war and killing kids and I know u know money doesn't mean everything. So yeah that's what I think.
  • cmelalaIt looks scary
  • smvllzHow exclusive is this? I'd love one!
  • k_o_hymLol duh she not in the Illuminati ..she not no Were near that blood line she's just helping them reach certain agenda's
  • k_o_hymUm I did obviously you didn't.. black people are not in the blood line of the thirteen original families.. she is a puppet of the illuminati that is paid to miss guide young women into acceptance of drugs gay behavior and unsightly sexual behavior ..also i dont have anything against her thats gods job to judge her not yours or mines all i can say is she should no better as far as sinking to your level and cusin you out I won't I don't know you and I am a Christian and your just a poor little miss guided little girl..Lol I hope your not a Christian because you would be a bad example... God bless and you need to do a little more research before you talk mam @salutemebtc
  • k_o_hym@salutemebtc also if she was in the Illuminati she would have to be born into a rich WHITE family.. not some shack in Barbados.. How about you focus on something important like your rights and amendments that are being taken away not something as petty as this..your only waisting your time
  • 22nao_I want that now
  • sheyyybutta@k_o_hym came with them #Facts Made her point in a very classy fashion. #Respect
  • k_o_hym@asapfoxxy thanks Lol I'm being more Christian like I don't know what I would have said.two months ago
  • queenofqueens.21I want
  • littlemixfu@rihlips
  • clvpd@ndrwwong edisi khusus Rihanna nih?
  • ndrwwong@calvinpio dijual ga ya?
  • mz.tee_teeLove this shirt I want like this
  • alex_stazyCome see my last pic Dear QUEEN! @badgalriri
  • eliomontoyaI need this in my wardrobe
  • reedshakurI want
  • 6ix.feet.under❤️❤️❤️I would die if I had this
  • itsbougiesworldHoly shit @thing4aking we neeeeeeed this in our lives 😩😍😩😍😩🔫🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • 6ix.feet.underWe do @keepinitbougie
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