Putting a little note in all packages sold on our online shop :) #ThankYou .... Tinyurl.com/ShopS4C
  • robdyers4cPutting a little note in all packages sold on our online shop :) #ThankYou .... Tinyurl.com/ShopS4C

  • marandawindsor@robdyers4c this means I have to buy something but I already own everything that's online! Lol!
  • hahahaeastWonderful
  • dertyghettokidThat's what's up man, next pay I'm gonna try and jack someone's credit card and order a shirt 🙏🙏
  • ryan_coffeltRob, please get in contact with me. I think we can really help each other. I'm 28 with brain cancer and in the process of setting up a 501c3 for young adults with terminal cancer. We have a lot of mutual friends and have met once before. I'd like your thoughts on some stuff that you helped inspire me to do.
  • lisalovecureCan buy in France...
  • cstatho@robdyers4c on the days where you find yourself in doubt (as we all sometimes do), please know that you are so loved by all of us. You're one of those one of a kind people who truly change lives. You are a constant inspiration to so many. Thanks for spreading the love and really making a difference. You sir, are incredible. And I will make it a point to one day work with you. 👏❤✌
  • ollieyma6bayley@robdyers4c @s4c is that including the uk store? Ps you are a greats human being
  • helloimaudy@lisalovecure si si, ils envoient dans le monde entier :)
  • desmondandbeatrice@robdyers4c this is amazing! Wherever we can help, we are in!
  • jenthorn_Thanks for stopping by the hat shop today. It's always a pleasure to see you!
  • cannonanne@robdyers4c I'm coming to your hood today. I wanna see you.
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