I thought this graphic was a dope ode to AWS... They del differently. Love them dudes!!
  • joshkalisI thought this graphic was a dope ode to AWS... They del differently. Love them dudes!!

  • kakister_kakagotta come visit grand rapids wit some skaters dis soring or summer
  • solidiuosGot that ad framed on my wall
  • imintheslowlaneDick move from "hi my name is chris carter" haha
  • bloodygumsHaha
  • brza1981@inkblotz - DNA Distribution is the parent company of the brands Alien Workshop and Habitat. Not the old DNA skateboards that was out of Syndrome Distribution.
  • lt_akcIs that a cease an desist? I thought ur boy rob owned workshop? Surely use coulda workd tings out? @dgkalis
  • knowgoodA fucking cease and desist? Lame.
  • billangPunk move @dgkalis
  • jon__wolf@dgkalis --- damn .. Talk to your homie rob bout that one ... Shit after all those years at aws.. What the fuck
  • indywasthedog@dgkalis they probably just didn't want kids at zumiez to think that they were buying an aws deck when it is a dgk deck, who am I kidding the people who work there am the kids that shop there don't know shit about skateboarding
  • romainkfshopGot this board on my wall @dgkalis i hope you come in France soon for dedicaced it !
  • andrewkiecdesign@dgkalis one of my favorite board graphics. Hilarious and to the point. Skateboarding needs to stop being so serious like that in the industries. Anyways holdin it down for Philly dude keep killin it
  • _.killatapes7s._Bitch Move Chris Carter
  • ken_upriseClassic! We had 3 decks at the shop, I should have kept one.
  • sleep_and_coffeeIsn't that your own friend (Dyrdek) doin it to you ?
  • mike_devlin_@nunya2213 doubt it.
  • stressly710I got the only deck I know of other then the one josh has + he signed it ;) , he's a G!
  • sjoseph688Lol at everyone saying Rob owns workshop.. Do some research if you've only been in the game a week.. #learnyourshit
  • tommy_pilcherYeah @scottypiffin1 Rob does own it, he bought it along with habitat and reflex
  • jahspoonWord i got that deck....97 outta 300
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