Chi trying on spring summer Kmart collection☀
  • sofiavergaraChi trying on spring summer Kmart collection☀

  • nyprlady413Is there something in your line for full figured women?
  • stay.wild.moonchild^^^(rolls eyes) Kmart or Macy's..... It doesn't matter.... It is confidence that makes you look good not the price tag anyway I've never purchased anything from the line but from what I've seen it's some pretty cute fashionable stuff! 👍Keep up the good work @sofiavergara
  • ben_.bbKmart c'mon
  • shahadg101I loove u sofia u got a great personality !
  • paztarragona@sofiavergara me haces llorar de risa pero el accent es a propocito no? Osea si queres hablar como gringa podes... Claro q no vende tanto... Sos increible mujer! T mereces todo. Saludos.
  • joseisrael87Chinchoi de joven mira jajaja @nyno24
  • ulalee111Looks good, no problem
  • dappadansThat's not Kmart!
  • claudiacaiva@sofiavergara barranquillera tenías que ser pa ser tan inteligente carajo!!!! Barranquilla se impone en todo
  • anj8926Absolutely love your designs... Just have to find a store near me....
  • goat2002😘nice
  • nedmvmcOhh I love the blue one!!
  • phorever_ryry@jawpy why do gorgeous and fashionable celebrities make these hideous clothes for trashy stores.... Like she would never actually wear this
  • jawpy@phorever_ryry I don't know. It's so fucking annoying and unfair.
  • phorever_ryry@jawpy and I bet a bunch of crazy people are about to hate on my comment...
  • jawpy@phorever_ryry the thing on the right is so fugly
  • jawpy@phorever_ryry and they are crazy for disagreeing. Whatever.
  • phorever_ryry@jawpy like why don't the kardashians/Sofia vergara/etc make actually cute clothes for target or Macy's? Some place that people actually go to buy clothes (not sears and and design stuff that's realistic but trendy.. I know I've said this a hundred times but the kardashian kollection is wack as shit and its not even inexpensive... Forever21 and H&M design cuter stuff that's cheaper too
  • jawpy@phorever_ryry maybe they are all just really terrible at designing clothes. I don't really get it either. I like it when target has guest fashion designers and I just love target.
  • julieb1946Kmart soo good
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