Synchronized skating in #Pyongyang #NKorea earlier this month at a rink shaped like a winter hat.
  • newsjeanSynchronized skating in #Pyongyang #NKorea earlier this month at a rink shaped like a winter hat.

  • gunamjaThat mere spectators~ lol
  • karinka5At first I thought the hall is almost empty until I saw that the black and white spots are not sits, they are people who sit on those sits... Scary synchro 😐
  • kuroverseVery scary
  • jb_calgaryCan you upload in real Time with 3G ?
  • jb_calgaryOr do you have to wait until you're out of the country
  • hyeonjin231Did u really take these photos with iPhon?
  • jac_phuaAmazing shot!
  • sinosoulStands empty....
  • jandresibarraThanks for sharing
  • jadelouc13@karinka5 I thought the exact same thing until I read your comment. Unbelievable!
  • karinka5@mattdomchris right?!? Now another very sad part is that the very few colorful spots are women (I assume wearing the traditional hanbok outfit)... So few of them :(
  • tokyolegendsMeet me at the independence gate! Lmao
  • kingcharlesxviLove your work!!
  • newsjean@rugfoot @branscombex I've left Pyongyang and am back in Seoul. Took this photo before NKorea began allowing real-time mobile Internet. @isjul101 There were Canadian, Russian and Estonian skaters performing. @wjsguswlswls Yes, took this with my iPhone 4.
  • richardt117@newsjean true this?...gulag in north korea
  • richardt117im love north korea....but i dont like this news
  • juanito29434How does north Korea feel like
  • gppresidentGreat to see how life is in NK
  • gbngrScary similarity
  • sigvardsAlso looks like synchronized sitting in the audience, doesn't it?
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