Ok Skymall, this one is a joke right? For the neurotic or the crazy. Who would willingly sleep in a bed-bug infested bed?
  • adriangrenierOk Skymall, this one is a joke right? For the neurotic or the crazy. Who would willingly sleep in a bed-bug infested bed?

  • hilaryjeb@hannaekvall you don't have to move now! 😂
  • wendhigalephotoPerhaps it is for the adventurous travelers who know not what infests the hostel or hillside inn!
  • jessicawretlind@adriangrenier All I'm sayin' is one time in Brisbane, sharing a 30 bunk basement dorm= 30 nationalities of well-travelled bedbugs. My insect bites had never been so cultured.
  • monzemranzWhere the fuck was this when I needed it in london? @jasyeroush @juliamenche @emilia_smith
  • hannaekvallHahaha @hilaryjeb
  • john_mijares_My girlfriend had this problem. She had an ikea bed that could not be taken apart after we built it. So she changed out the mattress but was stuck with the frame
  • yolimariem@adriangrenier Try sharing a bed with someone in one of those things. #bachloretteparty
  • kathiseymourThe thing is you don't know it is infested until it is to late. You have become their midnight snack. I worked at a place that had a problem. You want to know anything about BB's I can help you out. I know way more than I ever wanted to know about them. Ugh.
  • love_is_power3121Just throw the damn bed out !!!👽
  • hcollaPretty sure they can still get in, given that big hole for the person to breathe...then you're cocooned in a bedbug infested cover. #worstideaever
  • miahsmumsieMaybe a missionary? They go to the most God awful places, in the name of humanity...
  • saboomoonYeesh!
  • miahsmumsieOr...for the neurotic AND crazy??? I mean, there are microscopic critters that visit us in our sleep...yuck...but may not leave bites like bed bugs. Maybe if one has had a run in with bed bugs it would make them neurotic enough to buy one. That's what sky malls counting on! Ha. Anyway...."The Neurotic Bed Bugs" would be a good name for a band! #theneuroticbedbugs
  • iselinjtHahha thats crazy😂im always amazed by skymall! 😂
  • thefabulouscUummm yeeeah, like duh shit, you wouldn't know it was infested with bed bugs. You travel, u should know that!!! Lmao!!!
  • thefabulouscEven the FINEST of hotels harbor bug infested beds. DUUUHHH!!
  • thefabulouscWhich is why I don't sleep where ppl I don't know have slept and been disgusting. LMAO!
  • thefabulouscSimple common sense.
  • thefabulouscI don't give a f*** how much someone is on tv or how much money they have, I'm still not sleeping in a bef behind your ass!!!
  • thefabulouscBed
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