27. Playing {when she should be bathing} #fmsphotoaday
  • fatmumslim27. Playing {when she should be bathing} #fmsphotoaday

  • retromummyLove the hello kitty :)
  • dawnincaliBut, Mommmmmm! 
  • jfeiglPlaying is way more fun!
  • caesargiaWhat is miss Lacey cooking for you @fatmumslim? Looks like a feast!! 😜
  • jusdlcNo idea what I'm gonna do yet!
  • shelleydarkThose gorgeous little hands
  • petrinaturnerdesignSweet
  • tabidPlaying is way more fun than bathing. P.S. My girl has the same kitchen! How exciting! ☺
  • inesbm4@tabid Same here, my daughters have it too...!
  • mamisoi@fatmumslim Just posted my photo for {playing}. Apparently I was inspired by your style despite the fact I took my photo and uploaded before seeing this one. :) Enjoying this project very much!
  • fatmumslimOh I can't see your pics! Who said that? You might be psychic.
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