• portugaltheman#evilfriends

  • nofoodjustwax@pwhitehill
  • eradgerI hope this isn't about me
  • portugaltheman@eradger it's not, Edgar, you know that. Ha I thought about it though and I should point out that it should not be misinterpreted. It's not "about" anyone that's not from Alaska around my "your friend is dead, kid" days. You're all in the clear and I love you @ryanneighbors @jasonsechrist @ianwilliamshaw @eradger
  • taco_cjonesHoly smokes,can't wait to hear this
  • kevin_ro@youknowdobbz dude, shut up. They've been regularly putting out music every year. We've been spoiled when it comes to material. Welcome to being on a major label, PTM has to save music for major releases. Please don't leave a novel on here again.
  • jacob.broussardChange happens @youknowdobbz just shut the fuck up and enjoy good music.
  • olliesurf@kevin_ro @_brewski Wow guys just let him have his opinion, no need for cursing. Chill out and listen to some positive PTM songs..
  • olliesurf& @_brewski @kevin_ro Lol fools, chill out let him have his opinion.. so negative, no need for cursing.. Listen to some PTM tunes and stay positive because thats what its all about!
  • heylusmells like an album title.
  • joshjeffersondavisIn the great words of Bobby McFerrin "don't worry, be happy" lulz @youknowdobbz @kevin_ro @_brewski
  • neilioharaDrugs
  • orangeamplifiersYes
  • portugaltheman@youknowdobbz We didn't feel like working on a record last year and didn't. Nothing to do with anything else. This band has always had members come and go. It's just the way we work. Kyle played on Church Mouth, before Ryan. Though he was with us a long time Ryan wanted to make his own record Sorry about the lack of updates but We were taking a step back to gather ourselves. It's not to do with saving songs necessarily, more to do with life and why we make music. I am responding to you because you are obviously passionate about this and we can respect that. Outside of supporters, friends and family, we don't answer to anyone. Our choices.
  • portugaltheman@joshjeffersondavis @_brewski @kevin_ro @youknowdobbz it's all good. Do us a favor and just take the argument to blogs, message boards, or twitter. Keep it civil, people just don't know.
  • joshjeffersondavisOh I just wanted everyone to be happy. Like no bullshit. Try to watch the music video of bobby and robin Williams dancing around an tell me it doesn't make you happy! Haha :)
  • joshjeffersondavisPs. @kyleoquin is a cutie with a booty. #justsaying
  • gonzomalanI'm totally out of the loop, ryan isnt in the band? I'm a little sad, but not, because i know i shouldnt be. It's complicated being a PtM fan <3
  • jacob.broussardProbably shouldn't have said anything but i didn't like seeing someone bash you on your own insta. I apologize @portugaltheman
  • gvidonayudina19913769Gonna be awesome! Very excited.
  • piperschabergSo so so excited! @portugaltheman
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