The new #TFC kit unveiled. #TFClive
  • torontofcThe new #TFC kit unveiled. #TFClive

  • thisiseric__It looks like they're stained. Last years were nicer. What's on the neck?
  • dr_ziyaDo they fade?
  • colin11aubreyAs a Canadian, I hate it. You don't see English clubs flaunting St. George's Cross through the middle. Players from countries all over the world wear the TFC shirt, not just Canadians.
  • walter_siegmundI don't like it at all
  • rob_ditta@colin11aubrey I agree with you 100%
  • appyleeleeWell we're a Canadian and damn proud of it. I love it, looks good boys!
  • xacqereeOk but why did they get a bunch of random dudes off the street to model it?
  • bwcintoNew kit graphic would be fine for the national team, but for TFC? We aren't the only Canadian team in this league.
  • xacqereeSorry. The politically correct term is HOSERS. Why did you get a bunch of random hosers to model your stupid shirt for losers?
  • aphilhelmscreamHate how close the BMO logo and the crest are.
  • derekbarbosaI'm with @appyleelee on this one. I like it!
  • falaphilThe graphic is horrible, I'm with @mattermote
  • datinyone@xacqeree wow you're an angry one aren't you. Perhaps someone needs a time out?
  • unoriginalseanTerrible
  • lynnopolisWicked kit. Acquire some taste.
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