Maybe next a career as a talk show host?
  • thekenyamooreMaybe next a career as a talk show host?

  • seecrit@Andersoncooper has really lowered his expectations
  • breez_forsakenmcDats a good look
  • dymple07Continue doing great things inspite of what your haters say!
  • dright1You should definitely.
  • mizzbush4everLove it and u should think about getting a talk show I would watch love u
  • kettstylesNo
  • callme_ashleygwenNo
  • ji_doublem_y#twirl
  • iyannepY not?..u speak with eloquence&you know how to deliver!
  • jlovesjesusI would so watch!
  • __shedidthat_No!!!!!
  • kaytihotepAh no you annoyed the hell out of me during that episode. You kept talking over Anderson with your bullshit.
  • di_jah0@thekenyamoore that would cool and you would be very good at it. Just don't say anything about coochee crack. Lol
  • sweetsince83Bitch please
  • _giselleatlDo it! @thekenyamoore
  • msvanillaswrilbabyYou need your own show girl.
  • detox4real@thekenyamoore I'm literally obsessed with you. I'm a dark skinned girl from Louisiana and of course, dark skinned girls are overlooked and insulted here. I think you are gorgeous and I loved watching you on every episode. I'm moving to California next year, and I was wondering if you could be my mentor? I'm pursuing acting and I've done several professional plays, and I'm ready to take it to the next level.
  • falling43I would watch
  • killer4lifegroundzeroNo Kenya u don't need ur own show you like to put people down to much all of your costars on the real house wives in the ATL keep it real you try so hard to put porsha down why is that I really would like to no the reason if you don't mind
  • black_bombshellxx@ashlispikes23 all shades are beautiful. everywhere you go in the world, ppl are going to put down the darker shade. that's all nationalities. dont worry what ppl think or say. stand firm, keep God first, and hold that head high goregous!
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