Up and over the bush. Pretty dope jump!! Photo @davedawes @_jsanders
  • twitchthis8Up and over the bush. Pretty dope jump!! Photo @davedawes @_jsanders

  • bigbakes167Haha still got the shot sunzeenie
  • brentlydurant824You got 99 problems and your whip is one you fagget @twitchthis1
  • macmiklo@brently824 straight flexin over Instagram @twitchthis1 would fucking punk your ass lol. Goon
  • cgharris12U bitches be hatin
  • brentlydurant824@macmiklo sticking up for your boyfriend I see stop instagraming me and go stick ya rod up his ass
  • dlockmkChirp chirp!!
  • mttzimWipsss will NEVER get old👌
  • samfearon309I hate you for being so good
  • great_rotten_87So sick
  • twitchthis8Hahaha gotta love guys like this @brently824 go back to your 9to 5 bitch!!
  • lukedolinfmx@twitchthis1 looks soo fun!!
  • jimmydzljamesSooo sick twith! Godamn ur livin
  • _shoosha34@brently824 probably dont even own a dirt bike... he is probably a old fat bald guy with a stained sling shot crying bc his high school football dreams ended n has no clue about twisting the throttle. Get a dirt bike u fag n stop posing on the bikes in the pits brently824!
  • _shoosha34@twitchthis1 ^^^^^^^
  • cfh138I love seeing ppl talk shit online. Cracks me up. It's always either some kid who rides a pw 80 or some old dude who is lucky to jump a double. How you gonna say his whip is a problem? He's got the best in the game an has the medals to prove it. So fuck off haters....
  • sideways420Fuck still over fifteen years you still have the illest whips yo, but I've seen maddo practice and hes starting to get up there
  • callummarsden108Flat much??
  • nick_ringhamYou know what twitch ,you the man ! Fuck these bitches talking shit ! That dick is just jealous how hard you rip !!
  • ama_nwalter_13Relax guy hes prob saying its a problem meaning its sick...
  • brianinsdThe fuck you did. Dope 👌 Guess that shit was fun
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