North Korean commuters pass by propaganda posters  in #Pyongyang.
  • dguttenfelderNorth Korean commuters pass by propaganda posters in #Pyongyang.

  • missemilybtrThank you for these glimpses!
  • ericacaciolliI've been there last summer, great and unforgettable experience!
  • sverigeskalifornienNo cars, no pollution...
  • loveonacarouselWas searching #northkorea on instagram and saw that someone stole your picture and claimed as his/hers... just thought you'd like to know. Great pictures btw!
  • giovannisaprinceTHIS MAN IS EVIL! He is sending his own people to slave labor camps telling them they "deserve" it! And you people support this monster who supports genocide?!
  • lxx677I like ur photos! Very original creative and objective. Letting people knew a different nk
  • mac_mandiWell said, @mrs_mundane
  • intanrara@ericacaciolli who are you? Why did you can go inside the North Korea? I believe that no ordinary tourist have been in North Korea before
  • ericacaciolliYes @intanrara , ordinary tourists can visit north korea by koryo tour. Check on web!
  • sohail_md_021I love it! I live in Beijing, China and your pictures just makes me feel like It's 50 years ago's of China... I think if I visit north Korea I can feel like I'm in passed days of where I'm living now... I'd love to go there...
  • carmasucksWhat a swag pic! 😊
  • carmasucksHey Bryce what's up?
  • worthingtonphoto@dguttenfelder, your work is stunning and fascinating - thank you so much for giving us a view inside one of the most reclusive countries in the world! Keep it up!
  • thomcat23The posters are incredible! I wish I could get my hands on one of those.
  • danirios01Thank you for sharing what you are able to see in NK, most of us will never be able to go there and take our own pictures but we can see some part of everyday life there thanks to you.
  • amb3r107@dguttenfelder I love your work and you have opened a window into a place unknown to the rest of the world
  • peteographeGhost town.
  • vancouverpersonExcellent shot,,
  • alejandramerliWhat can we do to help these people. ?
  • hinggil_dffSubhanalove!
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