#тесак style:)))) #оккупайпедофиляй
  • enot.ne.kroshka#тесак style:)))) #оккупайпедофиляй

  • aidanrhindUr Comment above is racist
  • enot.ne.kroshka@aidan_rhind and what?
  • aidanrhindLgbts are not pedophiles u pig
  • aidanrhind"Where negros and Arabs live on your taxes" that is racist
  • enot.ne.kroshka@aidan_rhind why you thing that if a man lgbt I must to love him? Yes I hate lgbt, it is unnormal to love them)
  • aidanrhindWell then why do u have to openly hate against them they never did anything to you that's why you are a homophobic pig. mind your own god damn business and let people do what they want
  • enot.ne.kroshka@aidan_rhind I not understand why if you lgbt it must to say about it to all world? I don't want to know with who you have sex! 1 time at year I must to hear about it :( fucking europien ((
  • aidanrhindEuropean* and at least I live in a true democratic society and not in one full of neo-nazis
  • enot.ne.kroshka*sorry I don't know English well* say me what is democratic for you?
  • enot.ne.kroshka@enot1313 democratic it is a choice anus or vagina? Hahah no!
  • ainsleyharmony@enot1313 Иди к чёрту
  • ainsleyharmony@enot1313 I'm not gonna call you a whore, or ugly, because it isn't true, and I think it is unfair that buzzfeed published your instagram for anyone to see, but you do realize that neo-nazis are supporters of the organization that killed millions of innocent people, INCLUDING women who did more than sit inside and cook and clean all day? I guess you're just fine with kidnapping people and publicly humiliating them? Gay people can't choose who they're attracted to any more than you can!
  • enot.ne.kroshka@ainsleyharmony Guys I do not know what this sign means in your free America. In our country ( Russia ), this sign represents the fact that people are against pedophiles and pedophilia. By this photo I do not support the Neo-Nazizm, murders of afroamericans, abduction of children and so on. Apparently you may support the pedophiles, just before writing comments you are not smart enough to open google and type a query. And I have a feeling of pity for you.
  • ainsleyharmony@enot1313 gay people are not "pedophiles." They are no more capable of pedophilia than straight people. The organization you keep defending is the same organization that kidnaps them
  • caseylizbIf all Russian women are like you, I'm surprised the entire nation hasn't turned gay! Persecuting people for their differences, celebrating it on social media, preaching hate and then defending your actions?! How ignorant are you?!
  • enot.ne.kroshka@caseylizb I would like to start by saying that this gesture represents in Russia definitely something else. This gesture represents the fight against pedophilia (if you do not know who are the pedophiles - specially for you : pedophilia - this physiological disorder, manifested in the need to have sexual contact with children) if you don't know this mean of this gesture in Russia - it is problem of your knowledge
  • caseylizb@enot1313 I apologise if I'm wrong but it seems from the comment section and the rest of the internet this sign also represents a homophobic movement that shames and abuses lgbts, which would be a horrible message to share on social media.
  • enot.ne.kroshka@caseylizb I'm surprised that in spite of the fact that you are shouting about democracy and freedom of choice, you still don't recognize the possibility that there are different opinions on the same subject. now if you know how to use google - see the word "democracy"
  • caseylizb@enot1313 opinions are fine, persecution is not. We should celebrate our differences; preaching hate of any kind is never justifiable.
  • enot.ne.kroshka@caseylizb I'm not going to accept the deviances like normal
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