...when they act spoiled, whine, make excuses and can't Smize.
  • tyrabanks...when they act spoiled, whine, make excuses and can't Smize.

  • taliaborensteinI know I'm not stupid!!!! And btw I am a model @anafariacruz
  • valleerriiaShe's just jealous she can't be a model!
  • cadencemarieNo fair just cuz I'm a model don't take it out on us.......
  • smileyfacechicaSmize-smiling with your eyes
  • avaa.johnsonnI'm going to become a model my mom is putting me in it @tyrabanks
  • faithssell@tyrabanks no small town girl from Oklahoma can be a model😥
  • topnotch87Tyra I love u..I truely do ur the only celebrity that shows personality. I kno I have what it takes to be a model but I'm not passionate enough about it..but I applaud you for alllll Tht you have done and I do mean allll..much love and blessings send your way..you are a role model to me and like a big sister lol..❤
  • andid9@tyrabanks I would love to put my photos of my photography on here but I'm terrified of the rumors ive heard about people stealing them and claiming them as their own. So I post few photos of my work but mostly my pictures are of me. Should I start modeling and then get into photography?
  • ale_vergaraaI LOVE MODELLAND! <3 that is all.....
  • delicatechaosofmassfury@tyrabanks do I have what it takes?
  • ifashioblogs@tyrabanks Check our my page please tyra(: ❤❤❤❤ I have what it takes
  • xoxobrendeePlease check my file !!!!
  • emmylove8No way they don't suck
  • petty.betty____@tyrabanks how can i become a model like u but in a different way
  • jxde_mYup :)
  • arden_kendallHi @tyrabanks @tyrabanks @tyrabanks u are soooooo pretty!
  • sable_silhouetteAmen
  • godsbeauty.childU vetter preach it GIRL
  • jacklynnweaverThat was very rude. I'd bet they enjoy watching the models. So..turn tables on him.
  • cassidy_rae_gallowayTyra, I was wondering if u plan on making a teen model rotation for the show? I think it would be a great idea and pull in more teens into the modeling business. I live in Hutchinson Kansas which is very small and wouldn't know where to start I would love for ur opinion!?!!! @tyrabanks
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