Photo of the Game: @waiters3 puts up the runner for 2 of his 26 points #AllForOne
  • cavsPhoto of the Game: @waiters3 puts up the runner for 2 of his 26 points #AllForOne

  • reidmurray7@mattgardner22 haha u don't even know and been heat fan since 2003 even when went they went 15-67
  • reidmurray7@mattgardner22 aww did mommy change your diaper and tuck u in already
  • mgg614@reidissuperior ? Nice dude. Your the 13 year old. I cant stand your arrogance. Please don't comment about how hard it is to be a heat fan. You suffered for one season. That organization has won two titles in the last 8 years and well on their way to more. All Cleveland sports teams haven't win since 1964.
  • reidmurray715 bitch @mattgardner22 and I'm sorry my team is actually good go cry about Cleveland to someone else
  • mgg614@reidissuperior you look 13. And Your team is always good because your a bandwagon fan. Go cavs
  • reidmurray7@mattgardner22 I'm not a bandwagon a band wagon fan would've stopped defended his team long ago so don't try and in my pics I basically was 13
  • donahuedeclanKyrie Irving is so fucking masty
  • pillman_225I m from Youngstown Ohio
  • trevorlin2@reidissuperior Reading your comments was honestly a painful experience. You speak like an immature 11 year old that has nothing better to do then hate on pages of other teams that you have no business being on. Your "extensive" knowledge of sports does not impress anyone and means nothing if you have the persuasion skills of a small child. Furthermore, if you aren't from the city that a really good team calls home and you root for that team, you're a bandwagon fan. It's that simple.
  • reidmurray7@tlin2 ok I don't get it when did u have to like the City your born like please does Dwyane Wade like Chicago nope there rivals does Lebron like Cleveland Nope and I wasn't trying to persuade anyone stop trying to sound like u know everything
  • reidmurray7@tlin2 and I didn't hate I said haha miami won and then simply defended my team
  • wweapCavs almost had it I could smell it but at the end the BUMS escape with the W
  • joel.mcwilliamGood game
  • kepzThose Miami jerseys are blatant Chicago ripoffs and its pathetic.
  • way_of_brussGO HEAT!
  • vinitpatel_agreed @iammikael
  • zancavs8Yeah gtfo @the_real_ryanbruss
  • aaronwood330I will be at the game Tommorrow night in Chicago go cavs @clecavs
  • pat_owens77You're so fricking annoying @reidissuperior . U r literally a disgrace to humanity and you are the biggest bandwagoner. I see you have lots of different teams fatheads! Good job tool. Die in a hole.
  • shrinx29Ehy @clecavs, you should try the new @Tweegram App! It's free and awesome!
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