Check out what God is doing at our Toronto campus - wow! What a night!
  • stevenfurtickCheck out what God is doing at our Toronto campus - wow! What a night!

  • pastornisaacGoing BIG
  • jeanettetourvilleWow!!!!!! Praise God
  • sarahmgregorThis is the best. GLORYYY! 🙌
  • craiggroeschelPraise God!!!!
  • bush_mc27Awesome! Thank God for your vision of Elevation! God Bless!
  • danielsonemilySuch an incredible night !
  • markhopAmazing!!!!
  • thejoepenaWow awesome
  • kelsielia@pastorsteven just watched one of your videos. The "who told you" question completely just changed my outlook on life. THANK YOU for being obedient to God :) so grateful!
  • matthews_ntleleSo exciting!!!!
  • chosenjajaPresent ka ba dito @mcgarce?? 😉
  • antiguamacAwesome! @deathisdead
  • petewilsonsAmazing!!
  • carolyn_bowersWow! Well Done!
  • 3fishbacksNever could have imagined!! God Blessed! Seating perfection! Every seat filled!!
  • thillh26Amen :)
  • kmbe11Looking back on how far we've come and thinking ahead to the possibility of what's to come, I'm overwhelmed with emotion! Pastor Steven, you've been teaching me online for 3.5 yrs now. I have grown SO much together with this church. THANK YOU for coming here last night. We LOVE you and your family, John and @heatherbishop3, and SO many more!!
  • alexp4361This was an amazing night I watch all the sermon and what stated in Mind was Heart and Soul I am committed to the End thank you Pastor Steven this was amazing!!!
  • sam072309God is GREAT
  • thathappymate@pastorsteven if you spend 1 billion $ on a church building and it resulted in one saved soul, it is worth it.
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