Dear Internet. You're welcome. #oscars #kstew
  • theacademyDear Internet. You're welcome. #oscars #kstew

  • ahbeitotzzKristen is gorgeous. Mad respect for her for still pushing on even with an injury.
  • yheeeealis@miss__meliss relax girl!! Is and expression!!! I just don't like her at all
  • dimaraapMy gorgeous girl<33
  • itsmonamofShe always looks like that !! A mess 😷 take a bath plz 😷
  • oneofthosecrispsStupid haters you should stop talking... ;X
  • kelly_cee43She looked horrible, just horrible 😖
  • catalina__padillareally
  • alexvluyn♥_♥
  • juliaphotographIs she really broke up (again) with rob ?
  • odelia_1225Her hair is So mess up
  • ghinahiDaniel!!!!!!!!!
  • wellydomarinhoOh my gosh
  • stamy_19linda kris
  • huonghuong_xi😿kristen stewart fighting👍✊👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • francescaadellShe was probably 'miserable' because she was in a lot of pain from the massive cut on her foot. She probably looked 'high' because she was high on painkillers due to the pain in her foot. I mean, jeez people. I think it is amazing that she had the guts to show up at the oscars on crutches and clearly in pain, knowing that she would get all this hate for and when most celebrities would probably cry and pull out. She performed amazingly well that night considering the amount of pain she was in. I would like to see all you try to do someting like this when your in agony and all you want yo do is curl up and cry. Kristen you are a star.
  • kellygirl6310Love this for DanRad and not much else...#harrypotter
  • ou.godtKristennnn ❤❤❤❤
  • rubia_menjivarI love kristen stewart. My favorite actress. Stewart is perfect
  • rubia_menjivarKristen stewart se merece un Oscar. Es una excelente actriz. ❤❤❤ she is sexy and perfect. My girl, my love, my life... 😍😍
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