• chelseahouska@danemc08

  • edendan98Hahah its funny because in the program all the girls look so lonely and look at them now ....
  • isawalkerr@thenoellebelle__ jealousy STOP!!! Go away.
  • ohlolbellaaThat looks like fred from nickelodeon lol@chelseahiuska
  • amy_elizzzzu neeed 2 be with Adam... He is a good dad... and he loves u when ever he looks at u on TeenMom2 u can so tell
  • kati.vee@_amy_bieber_ Adams with another chick who is now pregnant with his child also. He doesn't care at all for Chelsea or Aubree.
  • geeky_shaz@_amy_bieber_ no hes not he called aubrey a bitch in one the episodes when chelsea was in hospital.... This guy looks really decent, u can tell by his face. He will love and take care of you guys for ever 😊
  • yem_ily@_amy_bieber_ lol I feel bad for ur future if u think she should be with adam
  • melllymel_He called Aubree a little bastard not a bitch but it still wasn't okay whatsoever!!!!
  • thelifeofsarahhAdam = noooo
  • _deleted_deleted_deleted_3@shazzzzilicious he called her a bastard not a bitch. Either way he's a piece if shit dad.
  • geeky_shaz@x_ayeeeliz he also called her bitch when chelsea was in hospital because of her leg
  • _deleted_deleted_deleted_3@shazzzzilicious no. That's when he called her a. Bastard
  • notoriousm.e.g_He called the baby a mistake if you remember from 16 and pregnant. He doesnt deserve either of them in his life. #deadbeat
  • charlottereowNot only did he say she was a mistake but said "where can I sign over the rights to that mistake" then said something about Chelsea being fat & having stretch marks.. He never deserved Chelsea from the get go. But to say that about his own baby. That's just sad! At least she will be able to see it when she's older #worldsworstdad
  • thru_my_lensesWow! People don't judge you guys are not in their life's, they were teens having babies. People make mistakes, sure Adam is not perfect and maybe Chelsea deserves better, but she needs to make that decision, and I'm sure Chelsea won't show Aubree those recordings.
  • paige_macy@mirita01 Agreed!
  • oso__213Preech it!!!(: @mirita01
  • _maano_😍😍😍
  • jasmin_avila99Can you give me a shout out, please? @chelseahouska I used to watch you on Teen Mom 2 and I think you did the best to get back in track with your life. Oh and btw Aubrey is the cutest little girl ever!!!! 💋😛😃
  • _binnababeeYour fiancé doesn't care about all these pictures
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