Rain barrels give you free reign. :)
  • jason_mrazRain barrels give you free reign. :)

  • weakduck24Beautiful!!
  • princessryan89It's illegal to catch rain water in colorado :-(
  • __anitaleeso cute
  • kaunkst7@jason_mraz What the heck can you do with dryer lint??
  • klarissamoonmakeupyou are perfection. you make me want to be better.
  • beingharmony@kaunkst7 put your dryer lint in one of those mesh produce holders (that avocados and tangerines come in the grocery store) and hang in a tree and birds will use for their nest building! Preferably use no fabric softener cuz that stuff be toxic😜 namaste🙏
  • longroadtoforgivenessWith all that water, there's definitely hope for the flowers.
  • brieethecheeseNever use fabric softener... Or perfumed or dyed anything. Gross. Smell like a human. Eat things that are their natural color. Do your research before you start a project or buy a product or give your opinion.... And be love. Always be love.
  • j_natassja_tamazing shot ❤
  • elxiumAustria had really good recycling facilities though too many people don't use them right and I'm finding way too much waste in nature while hiking.
  • elxium*has
  • alexandrabreusit's a pitty Instagram yet doesn't provide sharing photos :)
  • nikkiw83Hmm I see a garden hose. Are you are that's rain water? Lol
  • longroadtoforgivenessRescue, Sea Captain, You Make Me High, Happy Endings, Song For A Dancer, Hope For The Flowers, What Our Love Looks Like, When We Die, Out Of Your Hands, all deserve a place on your next album, Regina Spektor's last album consisted mainly of songs she wrote in 2003, you can do the same but with your songs from 2006/2007.
  • oh_nuntawisit🌱🌳🌲🌴🌾
  • bekborkMost rain barrels have spigots for using hoses. Other wise you would have to pearl dive to get the water at the bottom
  • veniceclothing😁😁
  • xxximzyrI am yours
  • valentinaoxWhat.
  • emdz24... and free water, too.
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