Me and Nemo's saturday movie is of course NEMO:-)
  • thechosenone665Me and Nemo's saturday movie is of course NEMO:-)

  • potatobeckyDon't touch the butt!!! XD keep on swimming keep on swimming hehe I love that movie
  • movie is greattt!!! :) does Nemo loves the fact the "hero" got the same name? :)
  • thechosenone665@oceanenw ; yeah he does:-)
  • orchidbloodOh, I totally love this movie! It's so cute! :)
  • meadowsofheavenI love this movie. I have seen him this morning ... cool
  • starrbreezeLove this movie!!! :)
  • itsluuhNemo watching NEMO!v Thats so cool! And after that did you sing Nemo for he?
  • danisse1890I loove this movie I never get tired to watch my favorite
  • a_orlova_kmVery cute cartoon!!! One of my favorite!!! 💚
  • isabellepohl_oh so cute I love Nemo too ♥
  • k_lebuckBest movie ever..."I can speak whale" bahahahahahahahaha x
  • brenbuuh*-*
  • universaldeathsquadNemo is such a sweet movie and You Are never To old To look it again :-)
  • fihoniI love this movie. :-D and since Nemo was born I always had to think of you both. ;)
  • kudashkinI keep these clownfish in my aquarium at home :)
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