Success! (via hula hoop) @mammothmountain
  • tonyhawkSuccess! (via hula hoop) @mammothmountain

  • mareksokalThat's a frigging genius idea!
  • terrymalfavonSmart idea! Enjoy that beautiful snow!
  • _jaysonv_y would u ever teach anyone how to ski ?
  • ethan_zawadaHow many tries did it take
  • bunnybingham@gurnardnipper
  • juliapendinoOh I luv skiin give seen people do hat
  • bdotw9037TONY!!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍😃
  • mossijakeSo siiick
  • haddonjacobpantelGotta get a little board
  • cal_pedroli@c_spivo don't be a jerk put Parker's real account name
  • andrew0gdenWe're is that
  • nick_bremaWas there today!
  • hoopnotica@lexeva 💗💗
  • krannerganner@tonyhawk do you snowboard or ski? I'm just getting into skiing and it seems so much more fun than snowboarding. What influenced you to choose one over the other?
  • fligganipLol being a world famous skateboarder I think the choice was clear 😉
  • ethan_dolan7@krannerganner i both snowboard and ski, im better at skiing than snowboarding, but they are both fun and yet the snowboard is really limited, the skis however u can take a double black diamond trail and not flip over and break your neck, i think u should just stick with whatever ur better at or what u like better
  • ethan_dolan7U probs dont care about my opinion tho @krannerganner
  • krannerganner@epdolan21 lol no worries, I appreciate the insight
  • binkyinc@tonyhawk you should come to the Legends Of Tahoe and Snowboarding contest in Soda Springs In a couple weeks. It's going to be a tribute to Tom Sims and I know you used to ride his skateboards. Everyone will be there. It will be an awesome day of shred and remembrance. Contact me if you want more info. Don Bostick is putting it on.
  • ryanking1997I used to practice on that hill, i love heavenly :))
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